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Date Night DIY : Chunky French Braid-Out



So you're planning out date night and you have absolutely no idea what you're going to do with your hair. Lucky for you, I've got the perfect solution!...Or at least one I think you might like.


Big, sexy, flirtatious hair your partner will go absolutely crazy for! Step up your protective styling this week with a chunky, french braid-out!





To begin, I always like to wash or co-wash my hair. Afterwards, I like to add moisture to my hair with a smoothing cream and a little hair oil.


Two products I recommend :

AG Hair 'Recoil' Curl Care Conditioner

AG Hair 'The Oil'


french braid out tutorial



1. After you moisturize, section your hair into two large parts and secure each with a hair tie.

2. Take down one side, and from front to back, french braid your hair.

3. Take the other side down and repeat.

4. This is how it should look.


Give yourself at least 6 hours of drying time before you take down your hair. The longer you leave it braided, the better the hold. After your hair is dry, carefully unravel each braid. So I don't create too much frizz or lose the curl pattern, I like to put a little coconut oil on my fingertips as I unravel each braid.


Now, I figured since we were girly'n it up, I'd throw in two makeup looks you might want to try with this hair.


Natural + Soft Lip & Cheek



Smokey eye + Nude lip & cheek


If you're really looking to spice things up, nothing beats a good smokey eye!


braid out tutorial smokey eye


Hair, check! Makeup, check! Try one or both looks and let us know what you think! I'm sure with either you'll look absolutely gorg. Have fun!


For the love of hair AND makeup,




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