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Thikk Rinse Volumizing Conditioner

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Free AG Hair Cleansing Cream Mini with any Loxa Beauty purchase. Use code AGCLEANSINGCREAM at checkout.
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Free AG Hair Cleansing Cream Mini with any Loxa Beauty purchase. Use code AGCLEANSINGCREAM at checkout.
Free AG Hair Cleansing Cream Mini with any Loxa Beauty purchase. Use code AGCLEANSINGCREAM at checkout.

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A keratin infused, body building conditioner.


Fine hair needs weightless conditioning. Thikk Rinse is infused with body building volumizers like panthenol, keratin and silk protein, to nourish fine hair without weighing it down. The result is soft, healthy hair with bounce and movement.

Massage and work through hair, then rinse.

No Salt, Parabens, Paba, DEA, Gluten, or Animal testing found in AG's Products

Boosts volume by thickening the hair shaft and improves the overall strength, moisture and shine of hair.

  • Panthenol thickens the hair shaft
  • Abyssinian Oil a lightweight oil that protects, conditions and adds moisture back into the hair follicle
  • Herbal extracts soothe the scalp and add shine to hair
  • Silk and keratin protein adds moisture, strength, elasticity and shine
  • Cetrimonium chloride fights static
  • PABA-free Ethylhexyl Methoxycinnamate sunscreen protects hair from UV rays



4 out of 5 stars

April Walker

Oct 19, 2016

Expert Review

smells great!

This conditioner does a lovely job of hydrating and detailing fine hair without weighing it down, and it smells SO good!


Jul 31, 2014

soft curls

What I enjoyed most about the conditioner was how soft my curls where after I finished using it. The smell was incredible as well.


Jul 25, 2014

bouncy silky goodness

Along with the shampoo, this conditioner left my hair with so much bouncy goodness that I have now deemed it my favorite conditioner. I used it on the days where I just let my hair air dry and I have never seen my fine, semi-flat wavy hair look so inviting and playful. It also made it feel extremely silky.


Jul 25, 2014


This conditioner was great when paired with the accompanying shampoo, but what really made it stand out was the fact that it could stand alone. You could use it in a rinse or use it as a leave-in to help with kinks in my curls. 1. Its multi-use application from working in the shower as a conditioner and outside the shower as a leave-in. It was great when trying out new hair cocktails. 2. The moisturizing feeling it left me with all day. I even tried going product free after the shower and felt okay with the results of volume. 3. The shine factor really kicked it up a notch as well.


Jul 25, 2014


Really bummed out about this one. I didn’t notice an ounce of difference in the look or feel of my hair after using this product. Just to make sure I wasn’t crazy, I tried it multiple times, sans additional product, so I could tell if it was making a difference. The verdict? It just didn’t deliver. My hair felt and looked as limp as it did pre-product. It didn’t lend the helping hand I was hoping for, unfortunately.


Jul 23, 2014


This product did exactly what it was supposed to do. I could see the change after the first time I used it.


Jun 04, 2014

Perfect combo with shampoo!

This conditioner paired with the shampoo will rock your hair's world. It's an excellent and easy way to give your hair a ton of extra volume just by washing it. Pair it with the weightless volumizing foam and you'll fall in love with AG products.


Apr 26, 2014

So much volume!

I absolutely LOVE Thikk Rinse! Paired with Thikk Wash, these AG Hair products give my thin hair so much volume. It also gives my hair just enough softness and shine that it lasts for two or three days without washing!