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Building the foundation of the company literally from the basement of their home, the Greek immigrant founders of Crown created their first brush line in 1983, establishing a lifetime of hard work, dedication, and sacrifice that is still the core philosophy that drives Crown today.

For the past fifteen years, Crown has grown under the direction of the next family generation. Expanding the brush line for use in nails, aesthetics, and cosmetics, Crown has become known as the leading company for private label and custom brushes in the professional industry, expanding globally and opening offices in the UK, Australia, Mexico, and South America.

Since our start over 30 years ago, Crown is excited to finally launch the much anticipated Crown Pro Line, offering pro-grade cosmetics such as lipsticks, lip stains, foundations, individual eye shadow pods and more, as well as our Crown Pro brush collection, carefully developed by our team of international brush experts! Stay tuned as Crown continues to release Pro items, all to be available through Loxa Beauty.