An indie brand through and through, Doucce is the professional makeup brand of women and makeup artists anywhere. Doucce’s brand philosophy, Discover Your Individuality, speaks to the ethos of the brand in helping women anywhere no matter their race, no matter their culture establish their own sense of beauty. Doucce is the indie-brand that delivers on all fronts, it’s contemporary, it’s colorful, it’s innovative, and it’s professional. Doucce strives to be the international brand for the international beauty.

From a small NYC startup to one of the fastest growing companies in the cosmetic industry, Doucce is quickly becoming the preferred brand for makeup artists and fashionable women everywhere. Though Doucce was born in New York, it’s name was inspired by the French word “douce”, which means new and elegant. With a touch of French luxury and upscale New York fashion, Doucce provides a sense of youth and luxury that’s untouched. Our high quality, elegant products empower women to highlight their unique sense of beauty and attractiveness. The combination of stylish colors and advanced formulas are combined with sleek designs that put Doucce in a class of its own. Doucce not only appeals to women, it touches their hearts. Give your look the beauty that onlookers will envy. You deserve the best that today’s decorative cosmetics can offer. Join us as we welcome in a new era of youth and luxury.


Doucce Cosmetics strives to be the international brand for the international beauty. In our world, beauty is not defined by one specific look, and that is why Doucce invites women to discover their individuality. In fact uniqueness is the essence of beauty. Today’s trends are continuously being defined and influenced by cultures across the world, which leaves no room for one definition of beauty. Beauty is an international phenomenon defined by a location, but vibrant and attainable by all. Doucce has tailored its products to be the choice of women wherever they may be. From the American jetsetter, to the bubbly Australian, to the exotic Brazilian, and all women across the world who aspire to achieve the universal and cosmopolitan look. So join us as we welcome this new era of youth and luxury, and set forth to discover your individuality.