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Shauky Gulamani has embraced the professional hairdressing industry with a passion, talent and creative genius that transformed him into a master of his craft. Although his journey began 32 years ago, today he is acclaimed for buildling multi-million dollar professional companies. His experience and ability to create thriving, groundbreaking brands comes from his artistry as a hairdresser, salon owner, teacher, educator, sales representative, and distributor.

What makes Gulamani a business mogul is that he is a hairstylist who understands the needs for hairstylists, which gives him the ability to connect the dots.

"I never stop! I truly care about my fellow hairstylists so there is not a day that goes by that I do not immerse myself in a supreme effort to break barriers and push our industry forward. Knowing I can contribute is what wakes me up each morning. It is my passion for what I do that is improving our industry and making FHI Heat the iconic leader of the beauty industry." -President Shauky Gulamani