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ghd is in the business of transforming the lives of women everywhere so that they may look and feel beautiful everyday. transform the way you style forever.

Soon after the turn of the new millennium, a fabulous new product quietly appeared in the UK. Little did anyone realize that it would soon come to be adored by millions and worshipped the world over, and would transform our understanding of hair beauty. It was the ghd styling iron.

As word got round about this miraculous new product, so did demand. We were inundated with orders. Our salons had to start waiting lists. There were even reports of women trying to bribe our staff just to get their hands on a ghd styling iron.

As women discovered the incredible styling power of ghd irons, word spread like a virus. Women revealed the secret of fabulous hair to their closest friends who, in turn, told their closest friends. Soon, stars of stage and screen were extolling the virtues of ghd irons in interviews. Praise flooded in from beauty editors, who gave their seal of approval in print. It was official: almost overnight, the ghd styling iron had become a global phenomenon.

Sensing that consumers wanted more from the ghd brand, we extended our range of irons and introduced a range of professional brushes and quality hair beauty products. In ghd thermodynamics®, we gave the world the first and still the only 4-step prescriptive hair beauty program designed especially for heat-styling. 

ghd brought belief and a new religion for hair to the world. With the birth of the ghd styler, the power to create glamorous hair was in the hands of ordinary girls all over the UK. They became our legion of ghd urban angels: made, not born. Now, as a truly global brand, ghd is crowning whole hosts of urban angels in the USA, Australia and Europe. 

And so continues the story of ghd…