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Who is a GIBS Guy?

He understands the beard, the ‘stache, and the tattoos aren’t gimmicks or trends, but trademarks of manhood far beyond cultural and deep into consciousness. He’s a beard at ease in the boardroom, the bedroom, the bike lane, and the car drop-off line at his little guy’s school. He’s tattered and tatted, but tamed. And he’s a gentleman. 

We’re Mike and Gib, outdoorsy dudes who’ve always had scruff. But when it came to manning our face fleece, we came up empty. Everything out there was too heavy: over-fragranced and burdened by the weight of trying to be too cool for barber school. So we decided to fill a void and roll out the red carpet for man carpets. 

So here we are now, a barber favorite, and about to hit the beard big-time. Our light, straight-up beard nectars feed, nourish, and condition the tuft like nothing else out there. Like a whisper on whiskers, they keep your beard smooth, healthy, and yeah, pretty sweet to snuggle up to.

We're just meat-eating guys from Colorado. We’re dudes and dads with a mantra: Real men man their beards. We don’t care if you’re Mr. Disheveled Hipster, Grizzly Adams, Jerry Frickin’ Garcia, or George Clooney’s clone. If you have an inherent thirst to beard, a compulsion to mark your territory as a man, we promise, you’re gonna love our stuff. Behind the chair. Behind the bar. On top of the world: Raise the beard bar. Grace your face like a GIBS Guy.

Man Up. Use GIBS.