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Our Mission:

The Keracolor product line is developed with a Krystal Water Complex, a formula that transforms hair into the oasis it once was by neutralizing chlorine and trace minerals and disarming water of it's harsh effects. Hair rejoices: feeling lighter, softer and silkier. Frizz is forever gone and hair can capture and preserve color and vibrancy more easily. Your sexy, voluminous, vibrant "HELLO there" hair is back!

The Krystal Water Complex is the modern way to cleanse, and is exclusive to Keracolor. 

Behind the Brand:

Keracolor is owned by Amir Inc., DBA United Hair Care. United Hair care is a sister company of Creative Labs. Creative Labs is a health and beauty manufacturer specializing in hair care, skin care and tanning products since 1988. We are a complete "in house" manufacturer with ability to monitor every aspect of the production process by using our own lab, art department, production facility and distribution center.