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Malibu Wellness Inc. is a privately held manufacturing company that is best known as the Pioneer of Wellness Solutions for the Hair, Scalp and Skin in the Professional Beauty Industry. Home to the Malibu C® Brand, the Company is often recognized for its Wellness Philosophy, which transcends into virtually every aspect of the organization.
Malibu C® is a solution-driven brand that is based in science, not marketing hype, and since 1985, its Mission Statement has been tried and true: to solve problems for every human being, using nature-inspired, patented technologies. The Malibu C® Wellness Beauty Collection is comprised of Hair and Skin Care Solutions that serve as a vision of simplicity, yet still maintain an elegant, luxurious aesthetic that is representative of true prestige in the Professional Salon/Spa Industry.


The core of the Malibu C® Wellness Beauty Collection is a selection of customized Wellness Hair and Skin Remedies. These signature sachets incorporate revolutionary ingredient technologies featuring a patented, freshly-activated crystallized vitamin complex comprised of the purest, most potent form of Vitamin C for optimal results. These high-performance innovations also boast eco-friendly packaging that requires minimal space in community landfills, which helps to reduce our Water Footprint.

Malibu Wellness Inc. is very conscious of the importance of maintaining harmony with our universe, as evidenced by the Company’s continued quest to help reduce our environmental impact coupled with an unwavering commitment to researching, developing and manufacturing. Wellness Solutions are Earth-Friendly and feature nature-inspired formulations made in the Malibu Wellness Laboratories, which is located in the United States.