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A family-owned company committed to the highest quality products and our customers' well-being, OPI has long been a leader in the community and within the professional beauty industry. Quity simply, we are dedicated to excellence.

OPI was founded in 1981 by President & CEO George Schaeffer, who immigrated to the US as a child from post-World War II Eastern Europe. OPI continues to be family-owned, with Schaeffer at the helm, and has grown to become the world leader in professional nail care.

With this position comes reponsibility, and OPI has always been committed to providing our customers with the finest quality in products and services.

From its inception, OPI broke through nail industry barriers. Schaeffer was one of the first in the nail industry to focus on and limit sales of the product to and through beauty professionals only, and who realized the importance of education in both the sale and use of the product. From the very beginning, OPI has shown its commitment to quality by putting batch numbers, instructions and ingredients on all of the products it sells. OPI has a dedicated team of scientists who ensure product quality and safety, and bring the latest technology and advances to its product offerings.

OPI also takes a lead within the professional beauty industry in raising the standards by which the industry operates. OPI is active in numerous industry assocations whose aim is to ensure that consumer safety is always preserved, through products and services which are developed to meet and exceed safety standards. The company works closely with federal, state, local and international agencies and scientists for the same purpose.

OPI continues to be unrelenting in the fight against diversion of professional beauty products, spending millions of dollars in an effort to protect consumers from unwittingly purchasing tainted, unsafe products, and to help the professional beauty industry maintain its high standards of quality.

OPI's reputation is built on its commitment to quality, safety, innovation and excellence - a commitment it honors with every product, every day.