Freeze Baby Mega-Hold Hairspray 55% Bonus Size

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Lock It & Leave It Finish. Love your style? Lock it in place with Freeze Baby! This quick drying mega-hold hairspray gives styles long-lasting power with brilliant shine. 


Biomega Freeze Baby Mega-Hold Hairspray has nourishing omega-rich nutrients that seal the hair's surface for frizz-free results and maximum humidity resistance. Who Is It For? Anyone who craves long-lasting staying power for structured styles in a micro-fine, fast-drying spray that won't collapse style. Why Do You Need It? Freeze Baby Mega-hold hairspray offers one shot of lasting hold with the perfect amount of shine and UV protection to help hair color look vibrant.

  • Use short bursts of spray all over entire head or at the roots for lasting hold.
  • Spray from 10-12 inches away, in short even bursts. The further away from the head the product is applied, the better distribution it has.
  • Freeze Baby can be used for mega- firm, instant, on contact hold.

Key Benefits

What Does It Do? Freeze Baby is a lock-it and leave-it luxe hairspray combining mega-hold with the perfect hint of shine and healthy hair ingredients.

  • Freezes style in place with advanced resins and omega-rich nutrients
  • Dries quickly with an environmentally-friendly formulation
  • Combs through without flaking or leaving sticky residue
  • Seal hair to shut out frizz

What Makes It Work?

Freeze Baby offers unique, fast-drying resins that provide a step-up in holding power, combining superior strength with lightweight omega-rich nutrients to nourish for healthier hair that retains its style. UV protection helps keep hair color vibrant.



5 out of 5 stars

Ashley Rocks

Sep 18, 2017

Expert Review

Want to experience mega hold with luxury shine? Biomega freeze baby is your hairspray then!

Freeze baby hairspray by biomega is a high hold hairspray that leaves the hair super shiny while proving long lasting curls all day long! To use, either spray your individual section, whole head, or even at the roots for extra volume! Make sure and spray hairspray 10-12 inches away from the head to allow for proper distribution of product on to the hair. If you use biomega freeze baby hairspray, your going to experience long lasting curls with superior omega rich nutrients to nourish your hair at the same time as providing mega hold! Biomega also has a built in uv protectant to keep your color fresh while in the sun!