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So many hair brushes,

So little time!

With so many options, do you know which one is right for you?

Round Brushes

When used with a blow dryer, round brushes can be used to add curl, curve and volume to straight hair, as well as to straighten wavy or curly hair.

Paddle Brushes

Use on all hair lengths and textures. Designed to massage the scalp and promote shine by evenly distributing the scalp's natural oils.

Styling Brushes

Great for general brushing, styling and finishing. 

Vented Brushes

Designed to reduce blow drying time, add volume and create texture.

Teasing Brushes

Designed to build big volume by adding that extra oomph right at the roots.

Ceramic Brushes

Faster, easier styling with even heat distribution to avoid hot spots that cause damaged hair. The end result? A smooth, glossy finish with added conditioning and shine.

Tourmaline Brushes

Made from crushed gemstones that release negative ions, these ions help smooth hair and reduce static electricity.

Boar Bristle Brushes

Gently smooths hair, adds shine, redistributes natural hair oils, reduces frizz and stimulates the scalp. Ideal for all hair lengths and textures.