Can CBD oil help with pms

Studies suggest that CBD oil can help with premenstrual syndrome (PMS) by reducing stress, depression, and pain accompanying PMS, although no study has successfully found a direct link between CBD oil and PMS. Besides, CBD oil promises to help a person relax and keep calm, which is particularly important during PMS.

Most women and girls go through a period of mood changes, depression, breast tenderness, irritability, and fatigue a few days before or during their period. This is called premenstrual syndrome (PMS), which describes the entire spectrum of changes, physical and emotional, that characterize the window just before and a few days after the onset of monthly periods. It is such a frustrating period, and the intensity may vary from one woman to the other. Meanwhile, CBD increases in hype every day, and one might wonder whether taking it could help treat or manage PMS. Peer into this article to know everything about CBD oil and PMS.

An Introduction to PMS

PMS refers to the collection of symptoms that women typically experience between ovulation to a time before the monthly period, but could also last a few days into the period. Studies have not identified the cause of PMS, but the symptoms are linked to hormonal changes during the menstrual cycle. PMS comes with irritability, fatigue, breast tenderness, depression, mood swings, craving for food, irritability, and some people experience pain. One can self-diagnose and self-treat PMS. Common treatment methods include meditation, sleep, or OTC drugs that target pain and other symptoms, although not every woman finds relief in them.

What is CBD Oil?

Following the hype surrounding CBD oil, there is every need to understand it. It is a cannabis extract and one of the many active compounds of cannabinoids in cannabis plants. There are more than 113 active cannabinoids, but CBD oil stands out for its non-psychoactive properties and relative abundance. THC, another abundant cannabinoid, has beneficial effects, but it is linked to the 'high' effect, which many people find undesirable. There are various types of CBD oil, depending on the cannabinoids therein and the presence or absence of additional compounds, including terpenes and flavonoids. With CBD oil climbing up the popularity ladder, one might wonder whether it can help with PMS.

CBD Oil for PMS: Does it Work?

Like many other CBD fans, someone might ask whether there’s a relief for PMS after taking CBD oil. Generally, CBD studies are limited, affecting research on CBD oil for PMS. There is insufficient evidence to prove that CBD oil can treat PMS. If anything, the existing studies have looked at PMS and other parameters, but not CBD oil’s efficacy. However, early studies suggest that CBD might help with some symptoms which are part of PMS, as explained below.

CBD Oil and Mood Swings

One challenge women have to deal with because of PMS is mood swings. Mood swings couple themselves with other symptoms, including anger, anxiety, and irritability. Can CBD oil help with mood swings during PMS? Meissner & Cascella (2020) conducted a study on CBD oil and reported that it could help with a range of problems, including mood changes. The mechanism behind this is yet to be understood, but it could be due to the interaction between CBD oil and serotonin. This is a neurotransmitter that affects critical processes and functions in the body, including emotions, moods, and general well-being. Still, there is a need for further studies to prove that CBD oil can help with mood changes, specifically before recommending it for PMS.

CBD Oil for Abdominal Pain

When PMS extends into the monthly flow, it is often accompanied by abdominal pain, also called menstrual cramps. The intensity of the cramps varies widely among ladies, but since they are accompanied by other symptoms of PMS, including mood swings and irritability, they are hard to put up with. Can CBD oil help with menstrual pain as part of PMS? There are no studies on CBD oil for period pain. However, Armour, et al. (2019) reported that CBD oil helped women with endometriosis relieve pain. With a little extrapolation, it suggests that CBD might help with menstrual pain. Still, more studies are needed to prove that CBD oil can relieve PMS pain.

CBD Oil for Combating PMS Depression

Women also feel depressed during PMS, alongside other symptoms of the syndrome. The more intensive the symptoms, the higher the chances of feeling distraught and going into depression. Can anyone depend on CBD oil for fighting PMS depression? A study by Crippa et al. (2018) reported that CBD oil helped reduce stress and depression in animals. Although this cannot be taken part-for-part in human beings, it suggests that CBD oil has the potential to reduce stress and depression. As such, it might help women with PMS deal with depression, but more studies are needed before any recommendations.

CBD Oil for Calm and Relaxation

Writing about the health benefits of CBD oil, Williams et al. (2021) noted that CBD oil could help achieve relaxation and calmness. Women with PMS can opt for it to attain relaxation and calm. Besides, if the cannabinoid helps reduce pain and anxiety and improve mood swings, it only makes sense that it can help people achieve calmness and relaxation. Still, CBD oil is not recommended for calmness during PMS until scientific studies prove that it can actually help in this sense.

Should I Take CBD Oil for PMS?

CBD promises many health benefits. Still, it is worth noting that CBD studies are limited, and the available research is from anecdotal sources. Besides, the CBD industry is largely unregulated, and it is common to encounter substandard products. With these cons in mind, decide whether to take the CBD route by weighing them against the pros.


No studies show that CBD oil can treat or heal PMS. However, independent studies show that CBD oil can help with depression, mood swings, and menstrual pain, which are part of PMS. Still, it is worth noting that most CBD studies are largely anecdotal and need further research to uphold them. When choosing CBD oil for PMS, remember that there are risks, especially due to the lack of regulation in the CBD space and the existing knowledge gaps.


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