Cbd 101: how long does CBD oil stay good

CBD oil has a shelf life of 12- 24 months, during which it stays good. However, it can last shorter than this with bad storage practices, but it can also last longer if it’s stored well. This article details how long CBD stays good.

You bought the CBD oil some six months ago and have not been using it all along when you suddenly remember it. You quickly rush to the pantry to check it, and at your very first sight, you are unsure whether it is good for consumption. This situation happens to many CBD users, especially those who only take the cannabinoid occasionally when the need arises. Alternatively, you might buy CBD oil and misplace it and run into it after a long time. Here is all you need to know about how long CBD oil stays good.

CBD Oil-an Introduction to It

Before looking at how long CBD oil stays good, you need to know what CBD oil is. Many people have mistaken CBD oil for other cannabis products, including marijuana. CBD oil is a cannabis derivative and one of the cannabinoids or active compounds in the cannabis plant. Cannabis plants boast more than 113 cannabinoids, but CBD oil stands out for how abundant it is and its ability to express results without causing the ‘high’ effect. You can effectively use CBD oil by ingesting it (CBD capsules and edibles), sublingually administering it (CBD oils and tinctures), topically applying it (topicals such as CBD serums, patches, balms, lotions, massage oils, etc.), and inhaling it (CBD vapes, concentrates and cannabis flowers). Most of these products feature isolate-based, full- or broad-spectrum formulations, depending on their composition.

How Long Does CBD Oil Stay Good?

Many CBD users wonder how long CBD oil can stay good. Generally, CBD oil boasts a 12- 24-month shelf life, meaning you can have the cannabinoid in its best condition and quality for 1- 2 years. However, this can go low or high, depending on how you store the oil. For instance, if you keep the oil away from moisture, light, heat, and air, you can have it in the best condition and quality. Contrarily, storing CBD oil in an inappropriate environment where heat, light, moisture, and air reach it might shorten its lifetime, making it good for only a few months.

Does CBD Oil Expire?

The other concern most CBD users have about CBD oil is whether it expires. Yes, like most chemicals and supplements, CBD oil can go bad. This does not mean that it becomes poisonous and can kill or harm you. Rather, it means that the cannabinoid has dropped in potency, and its strength and the dosage in which you previously administered it might not be enough for the condition you were taking it for. Besides, CBD oil expiring means losing its taste, and it might acquire a rancid smell and taste.

Should You Refrigerate CBD Oil to Help It Stay Good for Long?

After learning that CBD oil can stay good for a certain period and that it can also expire, you might wonder whether to refrigerate it for durability or not. If anything, refrigeration has been one of the most effective preservation methods for long, and you naturally might want to experiment with it for CBD oil. It is good to know that storing CBD oil helps it maintain its potency for the period that demarcates its shelf life. Although CBD oil prolongs the cannabinoid's lifetime, you actually must not refrigerate it. In fact, storing CBD oil under the best storage conditions in the pantry also means that you will enjoy it in its best quality and conditions. Still, if you live in an extremely hot environment, you might have to refrigerate CBD oil to have it viable for the intended time.

How Do You Know That CBD Oil is No Longer Good for Consumption?

CBD oil can expire, as pointed out in the previous sections. Still, you may wonder how to tell that CBD oil is no longer good for consumption. Well, most products acquire a rancid smell and taste when they go bad, and CBD oil is no exception. Therefore, if the CBD oil tastes and smells a little off, it could mean that it is no longer good for consumption. The other thing you want to pay attention to when assessing whether CBD oil is still good for consumption is its appearance. For instance, when the cannabinoid becomes murky and cloudy and forms clot-like canopies, it might no longer be fit for consumption. However, do not confuse this for how thick CBD oil becomes when you refrigerate it, which often changes when exposed to room temperature. Check the label for the date of expiration, and if the cannabinoid appears to have gone past it, it might mean that it has expired.

How to Optimize CBD Potency, Freshness, and Quality During the Shelf-Life Duration

Since storage is a critical player in how long CBD oil stays good, you want to optimize the cannabinoid's condition by storing it properly. Here are some tips for ensuring CBD oil remains good for its entire shelf-life;

- Keep the CBD oil away from heat and do not put it near radiators, ovens, microwaves, and other appliances that generate heat
- Keep the oil closed by capping it with an airtight seal or top to avoid possible interaction with air
- Keep the oil away from moisture to prevent the possible reaction through hydrolysis
- Store CBD oil away from light to avoid decomposition by the light that causes the cannabinoid to disintegrate or change to other forms that interfere with its possible effects.


CBD oil can last as long as 2 years since it has a 12- 24-month shelf life. However, this can change for better or worse, depending on the storage conditions and practices. While you need not refrigerate CBD oil to help it stay good, doing so might help if you live in hot areas. When CBD oil goes bad, it does not become poisonous, but it loses its potency, and it no longer tastes as it should.