CBD consumption methods: how to take CBD oil?

You can effectively take CBD oil by inhaling it (smoking & vaping), ingesting it (swallowing capsules and munching edibles), topically applying it on the skin, sublingually administering the oil, and enjoying it in foods and drinks. This article helps to know about each of these methods.

Many years ago, CBD oil was an outlawed product that remained under the radar for long. When the Farm Bill was passed in 2018, things changed since CBD oil was legalized at federal levels. Since then, different states have made steps to partially or wholly legalize it at the state level, and CBD oil is now legal at state and federal levels in many US states. as such, people need to know different ways of effectively taking CBD oil. Basically, one can sublingually administer tinctures and drops, topically apply balms and creams on the skin, munch CBD edibles, swallow CBD oil capsules, vape or smoke high-CBD cannabis, and explore CDB oil foods and drinks. Here is an explanation no each of these methods.

The Basics About CBD Oil

Since many people have embraced CBD oil and made it part of their regimen, it is critical to help them have the right information about it at any given time. CBD oil is a cannabis extract and one of the many active compounds in the plant, also called cannabinoids. Although there are many cannabinoids in cannabis plants, CBD oil remains outstanding among the rest for its ability to express effects without making one high since it is non-psychoactive. In fact, most CBD users are attracted to this very property of CBD oil. There are many ways to enjoy CBD oil, and most of the deliverable methods feature one or more of the three formulations in which CBD oil occurs; isolate-based, full- and broad-spectrum formulations, depending on the cannabinoid profile and the presence or absence of additional compounds such as terpenes and flavonoids. That said, here are the various ways of taking CBD oil.

Sublingually Administer CBD Oils and Tinctures

The primary way and one of the commonest methods of taking CBD oil are to administer CBD oils and tinctures sublingually. This means placing CBD drops under the tongue, allowing 30- 60 seconds to pass, and swallowing them. It is one of the most effective ways of taking CBD oil since it allows for faster absorption and higher bioavailability. Sublingual administration of CBD oil is about 13% bioavailable, allowing you to take in more CBD oil than you would for other forms. Besides, the mucoid membrane below the tongue comprises a network of blood vessels, primarily capillaries, that help take the CBD oil faster to the bloodstream.

Munch CBD Edibles

Although sublingually administering CBD oil allows it to reach the bloodstream faster and encourages bioavailability, you have to put up with the bitter taste of CBD oil. Therefore, if you want an alternative that allows you to benefit from CDB oil without feeling its bitter taste, you could opt for CBD edibles, including gummies and mints. Other than taste, these come in a range of colors, shapes, sizes, strengths, and compositions, giving you a variety from which to choose. However, they have a lower bioavailability rate and need activation time to express the effects. As such, you might have to wait for up to 90 minutes after taking CBD gummies for the cannabinoid to express effects.

Swallow CBD Capsules

The other method of taking CBD oil is to swallow CBD capsules. This is yet another method that allows you to benefit from CBD oil without feeling its earthy taste. Besides, CBD tinctures can be bitter because of the alcohol base or inappropriate extraction method that allows chlorophyll into it, and CBD capsules allow you to benefit from the cannabinoid without feeling the taste. Still, capsules need action time since they have to be digested and absorbed into the bloodstream to express effects. If you want something to carry on the go-easy, capsules should be a number one option, followed by edibles.

Topically Apply CBD Creams, Patches, Balms, etc.

Did you know that CBD oil exists in topical forms, and you could explore it in this form? For instance, there are many topical CBD products, including roll-ons, bath bombs, serums, balms, patches, lotions, creams, and massage oils. You can explore the CBD oil on them by applying them generously on the pressure points and massaging consistently until you feel the effects. You can also put bath bombs, soaks, and salt in your bath water and immerse yourself in the water, allowing enough time for the body to absorb the CBD oil and essential oils therein.

Vape CBD Oil

If you do not want to use CBD oil sublingually, topically, or orally, you could opt for vaping the cannabinoid. There is much vaping equipment to take advantage of, including vape pens, cartridges, and tanks. Interestingly, vaping CBD oil is the fastest CBD delivery method other than taking the cannabinoid intravenously. Still, vaping exposes the lungs to smoke, which could spark reactions if you are sensitive to smoke.

Smoke CBD Oil

Smoking high-CBD cannabis flower, i.e, a joint roll, helps to get CBD oil. However, buying cannabis flowers and smokeware may be expensive, so most CBD oil users opt for other delivery methods. Still, smoking CBD is yet another method that allows CBD oil to reach the bloodstream fast.

Explore CBD Foods and Drinks

Since CBD oil became part of the mainstream, many brands now offer CBD foods and drinks. You can enjoy CBD chocolates, brownies, baked products, or cook your favorite dish with CBD oil. Besides, you can take CBD-infused tea, coffee, drinking water, sparkling water, etc., and benefit from the cannabinoid.


CBD oil is a cannabis extract and one of the many active compounds (cannabinoids) in the cannabis plant. You can sublingually administer CBD tinctures and drops, munch CBD edibles, topically apply CBD oil, vape CBD, smoke high-CBD cannabis flower, and swallow CBD capsules to benefit from CBD oil. Each method has pros and cons, so you weigh both and decide which one sounds better for you.