CBD Hemp Soap 101

In the past few years, CBD and hemp products have flourished into a world all its own. Whether it's to take off some stress, ease joint discomfort, or simply to enjoy some self-care, there’s a product for every need. And while it sometimes feels like there’s something new every week, some products have been around for years: hemp soap is a simple, but powerful product that can do wonders for your skin. If you’re not so much seeking something with CBD, but appreciate the nourishing benefits of hemp seed oil, hemp soap is a great choice. In fact, hemp soap might just be a great choice for anyone! But CBD and hemp products are still new to a lot of people, and questions can often pop up, such as:

  • What is hemp soap good for?
  • Will hemp soap make me high?
  • Will hemp soap cause a false positive?
  • How do I find hemp soap?

In this guide, we’re covering some of the most frequently asked questions about this sudsy cleanser that your skin will love.

What is Hemp Soap?

Hemp soap is a type of soap made with hemp seed oil, which is known for its highly nourishing, skin-softening properties, and it typically comes in bar form. It’s worth noting that hemp soap is a hemp product, but not necessarily a CBD product. This is because it’s made with hemp seed oil, which is naturally quite low in CBD. Rather, hemp seed oil is rich in fatty acids, which can do wonders for the skin. That being said, there are CBD soaps, but these should be clearly stated as such.

What Are the Benefits of Hemp Soap?

Hemp seed oil is exceptionally rich in Omegas 3 and 6 fatty acids and polyunsaturated fats, which are all key to keeping the skin hydrated and soft. Because of this healthy fat content, hemp seed oil is especially wonderful for moisturizing the skin, and it’s naturally anti-inflammatory. While many anti-inflammatory soaps use a number of different chemicals that can strip the skin, hemp seed oil is a skin-soothing powerhouse that won’t leave you feeling dried out at the end of your bath or shower. Those with dry skin may especially benefit from hemp soap. Hemp soap’s highly moisturizing, anti-inflammatory properties are also useful for anti-aging purposes, and may help diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles as well as photodamage and dark spots. And unlike many soaps on the market, which contain triclosan, hemp soap won’t take moisture from your skin. And besides reducing inflammation, hemp soap can also help balance out your skin’s oil levels, and this is likely why many individuals with eczema, psoriasis, and acne have found out hemp soap to be exceptionally soothing. Hemp soap is also a great option for those with children who suffer from excema or sensitive skin. Hemp soap is gentle on little ones, and because it doesn’t contain THC, you’ll never have to worry about it getting you high.

Can Hemp Soap Make Me Fail a Drug Test?

Some folks are concerned that hemp soap may get them high, or even cause them to have a false positive on a drug test. But we’re here to assure that no, hemp soap will not get you high, and it will not make a false positive on a drug test. This is because hemp seed oil only comes from, well, the seeds, which are high in healthy fats, but low in cannabinoids like CBD and THC, which are more abundant in the flowers and leaves.

Where Can I Buy Hemp Soap?

While so many CBD products are brand new to the public, hemp soap is a different story. As a plant that’s been prized for centuries for its textiles and materials, hemp soap is nothing new. In fact, there’s a good chance that your local health food store has been carrying it for years! Nonetheless, hemp soap is about to become even more available. As more CBD products hit the shelves, hemp soap is a relatively affordable product that anyone can benefit from--even children. When in doubt, try googling “hemp soap for sale new me,” but you should have no problem finding it in health food stores, wellness shops, and even your local grocery store! But if you still struggle to find hemp soap in stores near you, the internet is always a great option. There, you can find plenty of hemp soaps that are high-quality, effective, and suited for your own personal needs. But for those new to hemp and CBD products, knowing what a good brand looks like can be a little daunting. Luckily, there are ways to be able to tell! When shopping for hemp soap, ask yourself the following questions about the seller in question:

Is the soap clearly labeled?

Consumers have every right to know exactly what goes into the things they buy, and this couldn’t be more true for CBD products like hemp soap. That’s why reliable companies will label their hemp soap in a way that’s easy to understand.

Was the hemp soap made with U.S. crops?

For better or worse, hemp is a plant that absorbs anything in the soil. In other words, good hemp needs good soil, not to mention climate and sun. And when it comes to growing conditions and quality standards, the United States offers some of the absolute best.

Was the soap lab-tested?

CBD products are still not regulated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), so companies must prove the quality of their products themselves. This is why the best CBD companies will have each batch third-party tested, and it’s why they should offer a certificate of analysis showing the potency of the hemp, as well as any heavy metals or pesticides found in the soil (which are hopefully at a minimum).