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Pliable Polish

Item #636079 | Size 3 oz


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A pliable paste that gives weightless movement and shine.


Allows you to move hair into different shapes and directions. Is easily reactivated by heat, making style touch ups easy.

Work a small amount into dry hair, molding and defining style as desired. Apply heat to touch up style.

CHI products contain positively charged silk molecules that are interlocked into hairs natural structure to dramatically build strength, improve moisture and resilience.

  • Suitable for all hair types
  • Weightless styling paste
  • No sticky or stiff feel
  • Gives movement and style
  • Uses exclusive CHI 44 Ceramic and Cationic Hydration Interlink
  • Provides moisture and strength by interlocking it into the inner structure of the hair, leaving hair healthier, more manageable and with superior shine



5 out of 5 stars

Mindy Stegall

Aug 13, 2015

Expert Review


I have very fine but extremely frazzled hair due to thyroid issues. I have tried so many products to tame this difficult hair that does not seem to respond to conditioning, and had given up until now. This product makes my hair feel and look like normal again. I use a little on my hands after I have styled to polish those frizzy, frazzled ends and flyaways. It looks amazing and healthy and smells fantastic and does not weigh my hair down, even on the second day. Obsessed with this product and so glad I found it!


Mar 13, 2014

Expert Review

Little goes a long way; Recommended for Definition/Grip/Shine/Piecey Styles

This product gives a good grip and/or hold to the hair, but has a good shine as well. It doesn't look too shiny, but a nice healthy shine to the hair. I use this product for my guests who enjoy the textured, piecey hairstyles that require some hold, but they also want some shine. A little goes a long way. This is also great for defining parts of the hair, like in up-dos to give some grip to the hair that has hold without using too much hairspray and without causing build-up.