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Touch 2 Dryer

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CHI Touch 2 Dryer


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The CHI Touch 2 Dryer is the ultimate hairdryer for the tech savvy.


  • CHI Touch 2 Dryer
  • FREE CHI Silk Infusion - 2 oz.
  • FREE CHI Iron Guard Thermal Protection Spray - 2 oz.


The second generation CHI Touch 2 Dryer with touch screen is slimmer and more lightweight than its predecessor. The compact 2.23" touch screen offers customized settings including speed, temperature and ionic output.

  • New Design: Lighter and more compact with concave handle for a comfortable grip position
  • 3x Ion Generation System: Emits over 3 times more ions to reduce frizz
  • Hands Free: Back of dryer can be used as a stand on flat surfaces for hands-free drying
  • Touch Screen Control: Adjustable speed, temperature and ion control
  • CHI Ceramic Technology: Provides moist air and keeps a consistent temperature to reduce damage
  • 2 year limited warranty



4 out of 5 stars


Sep 29, 2017

So far so good!

I just got my blow dryer today, and so far I love it! I love the touch screen aspect.

Sam Williams

May 26, 2017

Packed with Features

I was a little skeptical about using such a fancy hairdryer. I've never spent more than $20 or so for one but this looked cool enough to give it a try. I thought the touch screen was a gimmick, and it kind of is, but the amount of control it gives you is far beyond what others allow for temperature, speed, and ions. This is my first hair dryer with ion adjustment, which apparently adjusts to the amount of volume you have. My hair is not very voluminous so I'm not sure what effect it has, but it works FAST. Drying time has been cut from about 8 minutes down to 3, which really adds up when you're talking about a morning routine. The attachments let you narrow the air stream or diffuse it, which is something I haven't thought of before since I've only had cheap hairdryers that push everything out at once. The narrow air stream is what I mostly use, and it does a good job of cutting a bunch of hair at once to reach all parts. I didn't even realize until later that the back of the hair dryer is a stand works for hands-free use. What a concept! That will save even more time now that I figured it out. It helps that the device is so light (about 3 pounds), which makes it easier to maneuver. Overall, this is an excellent hairdryer that packs in a bunch of features not found in other products. However, the high price means it's not for everyone, so check out the features and benefits before buying one. If you've only used cheap hairdryers all your life and are considering an upgrade, this model would be a good one to consider.

Timesha Christian

Dec 30, 2016

Expert Review

This blow dryer allows you to controll the amount of Ions and have a love EMF

This blow dryer is amazing. It allows you dry the hair with Ionic Ceramic technology. It has a LCD screen for those who love the latest technology!


Nov 27, 2016

only lasted 6 months

After 6 months the hair dryer no longer turns on. Loxa only warranties for 30 days I'm told. So now I'm trying to find a way to get the manufacturer to honor a warranty. If I'd have known all these issues were present and that it only lasted 6 months, I'd have tried something else.

Mindy Stegall

Oct 26, 2016

Expert Review

Lighter than the original!

I love this dryer! It is so technically cool, and lighter than the original touch screen dryer. Using this dryer has reduced my dry time dramatically and as a stylist that is super important but for the every day person it can mean less damage to the hair. The technology of this dryer is amazing because you can adjust the ions depending on the amount of volume you want AND it drys the hair from the inside out so when your hair feels dry it really is which means your style is locked in!

Liz Hansen

Oct 11, 2016

Expert Review

Power House Blow-Dryer

This blow dryer is a work horse!! It has a super long cord, it's ceramic & ionic. I love how polished my clients hair is after using this blow-dryer. It dryers hair faster because of the +/- Ions. Great for at home or at the salon

Treasa Guptill

Oct 08, 2016

Expert Review

Chi touch

This dryer is very stylish, dries quickly has different settings and is lightweight.


Jun 28, 2016

Not as good as I thought by the hype

This doesn't work any faster or better than the dryer I already have, a BaByliss. It is good if you don't have a good hair dryer, just not any better than the one I current own.


Jun 14, 2016

Good product but not great

I have a good hair dryer, I was looking for a better one.


May 17, 2016


This hair dryer was a surprise gift from my husband. I love this dryer. It dries my hair in less time and it makes it super straight I love this dryer!!!


Mar 09, 2016

Favorite in my salon

I really like the CHI drys the hair from the inside out, you can change the ions depending on the look you want and it is super fast. I have sold a lot of these to my clients and they swear that it takes half the time that it used to to do their hair. I use it in my studio and love it! The only thing I can say is bad is it's big.


Jan 17, 2016

Excellent hair dryer

While on the highest setting, my very curly frizzy hair was shiny as could be. Love this product


Jan 12, 2016

Love the dryer almost as much as I love Loxa

The dryer is fantastic, couldn't ask for better. This was a gift for my wife, and the first one I received was inoperable...big disappointment on Christmas morning, but I sent an email on Christmas day to Loxa Beauty, and they sent a new replacement immediately. I can't express how good the customer service is. I will make a point of buying any beauty products we need from Loxa and will be recommending them to everyone I know!


Oct 14, 2015

excellent company and products!!

Love the dryer. Comes with diffuser also. Doesn't say that in description. Also excellent customer service, great company to work with!


Sep 23, 2015

Love it

I love my CHI Touch 2 Dryer. My hair dries in half the time. It's lightweight and so easy to use.

Mindy Stegall

Aug 14, 2015

Expert Review

Hands Free!

The design of this dryer is amazing because you can go hands free. The end of it is flat to set it on a flat surface so you have 2 hands to style! Also love that you can control the ions depending on the volume you want! The fact that it is touch screen makes it way cool!