Heat Boss Thermal Brush - 2"

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Cricket Heat Boss Thermal Brush - 2


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Heat Boss Thermal Brush 2" allows you to control the heat of the hair dryer while making styling easy.


With a turn of the Heat Force Dial, you control the heat. Cricket's Heat Boss Thermal Brush 2" is the perfect size for longer hair. Wanna lock the heat in? Seal in heat with the Heat Force Dial. Want the heat to flow? Keep the dial open and style your way.

  • Heat Force Dial: Patent-pending control barrel heat and temperature release
  • Hybrid heat bristles: Patent-pending static free ceramic, tourmaline and ionic infused bristles that can take the heat up to 570°F
  • Lux barrel: Hair glides effortlessly through the chrome plated seamless barrel, producing a smooth, polished finish
  • The Boss Handle: Contoured for comfort and control, the Boss Handle knows who’s in charge

Styling fine hair? 

Keep the Heat Force OPEN allowing heat to escape.

Styling medium to thick hair?

Keep the Heat Force Dial CLOSED, trapping the heat in.

Styling thick, coarse hair?

OPEN the Heat Force Dial, on high heat, point dryer nozzle down the Lux Barrel, increasing the heat temperature, CLOSE the dial and style.


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