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Puff.ME Volumizing Cloud Mist

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Puff.ME is a revolutionary spray powder that gives you lasting volume, hold and accuracy. 


Small bottle, big power. Just aim, shoot, and puff the volume of your hair with lasting hold for late nights and early mornings. Puff.ME gives you versatile control so you can create a messy, textured look or add another pump for insane volume.

Traditional volumizing powders are sprinkled on the hair or rubbed in by hand resulting in messy, uneven use. Design.ME Hair Puff.ME offers a powder spray that releases the perfect amount of product for precise and clean application. 


Puff.ME is small enough to fit neatly in your handbag along with your beauty essentials to keep you styled-pretty for any adventure.

Apply to roots, mid length and ends. Apply on dry or damp hair.

  • Unique revolutionary dispensing sprayer
  • Easy application as the pump releases the precise amount of product
  • No mess! Pumps straight into hair/root, no more dirty hands
  • Provides insane volume & lightweight texture
  • Can be cocktailed with other styling products
  • Dry matte result



4 out of 5 stars

Jaclyn Lanza

Jan 07, 2017

Expert Review

So much volume!

I felt so so about this product until I watched the tutorials and now Im obsessed with it. Perfect for every client, not only those with fine hair and great on ends of hair not just root area. Watch out for build up on the hair.

Heather McWhorter

Nov 10, 2016

Expert Review


I feel it works so great on short hair. I have longer thick hair and don't really love it for mine. It does a great job on my shorter hair clients. Great product!

Angela Gregory

Nov 06, 2016

Expert Review


I love how this powder sprays out for easy application on the root!! Giving fantastic volume!!

Larisa Love

Nov 03, 2016

Expert Review

The best texturizing product

I love Puff Me because it gives me the most amazing texture in the hair and allows me to mold the hair into quick updos or just messy beachy hair.

Nicholas Lombardo

Oct 28, 2016

Expert Review


Great for the client who wants big hair. This also works well with short or long layered textured cuts!

Jamie Jordan

Oct 27, 2016

Expert Review

Staple Volume and texture product

This became an instant favorite. Puts the dirt back in the hair, as if you'd back combed the heck out of it but without the effort. A little puff of magic, adding volume and texture without leaving the hair feeling sticky or tacky.

Alisa Dutson

Oct 26, 2016

Expert Review

Best powder volumizer!

Best root lifting powder I've ever used! Must have for stylists!!

Kalie Hind

Oct 24, 2016

Expert Review


Seems to really give volume and texture to the hair

Andrea Leedy

Oct 24, 2016

Expert Review

Best for formal styles & weddings

This stuff is one of the best texturizing and volumizing products on the market right now. It's great for adding volume with minimal product. A little goes a long way, 1-2 sprays and your solid for the day. I especially love this for formal styles and weddings, helps volumizing the hair without excessive teasing and keeps the hair in place. I definitely recommend this product to anyone wanting some volume on a daily basis.

Megan Crenshaw

Oct 20, 2016

Expert Review


Absolutely love the packaging of this product. The nozzle creates a no mess application. Love the volume it gives!

Lindsay Feldt

Oct 20, 2016

Expert Review

Amazing for volume without the need to Backcomb

We and all our clients are loving this product! We use it daily and is a top seller in salon. No need to backcomb anymore just use the light powder spray and rough it in and you have awesome body!

Jennifer Reichert

Oct 15, 2016

Expert Review


Amazing! Best volumizing powder I've used! It's client friendly so they don't have to worry about dumping too much on their hair ruining their style

Tasha Jones

Oct 12, 2016

Expert Review


Perfect for updos or just to give you extra volume on a casual day!

Brittney Shelton

Oct 11, 2016

Expert Review

Love this!!!!

Love this, perfect for bridal updos keeping the hair full of volume without making it stiff. Also easy to use when wearing the hair down keeping the girls in place but still bouncy.

Michelle Meyer

Oct 11, 2016

Expert Review

Gives great volume and texture

Perfect for an extra " puff " of volume. If your hair is too soft and silky and needs extra hold with using hairspray this will be your bff!

Jamie Jordan

Oct 10, 2016

Expert Review

Must Have!

This stuff is amazing. It puts the grit back into slippery hair, giving it just the right amount of volume and texture without leaving it tacky or sticky. Comes out like a little puff of fresh air. Stylist's best friend for everyday styling to formal up styles.

Hollie Jacques

Oct 09, 2016

Expert Review


The perfect way to add texture to the hair, whether it's down or in a braid or an elaborate updo!

Sarah Parra

Oct 07, 2016

Expert Review

Loved, loved it !

Love the product overall. It gave me full volume and is a hot product right now!

Erecka Mader

Oct 01, 2016

Expert Review

Fine hair's BEST friend!

This product is so basic to use. One thing to remember is to apply directly to the hair about 1/2 inch up to 1" away from the scalp. DO NOT Apply to the scalp directly, doing so equals wasted product. Just simply lift your hair up puff it on and shake your hair. For added volume tease the base. You will fall in love with this product!

Brooke Benton

Oct 01, 2016

Expert Review

Great for volume but very stiff

I love Puff Me! I use it everyday for clients with fine hair for volume as well as updos or braid styles for more texture. The only one thing I wish was different was that it wasn't so stiff after applying. You need to be very careful not to over do it. One spray is enough!

Shalee Connelly

Sep 26, 2016

Expert Review

Love love love!!!

No stickiness... lightweight, texture, body building volume! What more can you ask for! PUFFME!

Abby Britton

Sep 22, 2016

Expert Review


Gives great volume with no crunchy texture or sticky feeling!


Sep 16, 2016

Not worth the hype

I bought this after seeing the Facebook video. I wasn't really impressed. I felt the spray was very inconsistent. Sometimes I would get nothing, sometimes I would get a big blob.


Sep 15, 2016

Not everything I hoped it to be

I kept seeing videos on how awesome this product is. The bottle sometimes sprays water with powder which ultimately soaks my hair versus texturizing it. I probably won't purchase again.


Sep 08, 2016

Gives volume, but leaves hair feeling weird.

I have fine, shoulder length layered hair that I like to use dry shampoo on to give it some oomph. Seeing the videos of this on how well it worked swayed me to try, and it really did puff my roots up. The texture of my hair afterwards, though...yikes. I used just two sprays, and it made my hair feel somehow dry like straw, yet also tacky/sticky as if I had coated it in hair spray. I brushed and brushed to no avail, the feeling stuck and actually made my hair feel dirtier than if I had skipped washing it for a couple nights. While I like the volume this gives, I can honestly say I'm happier sticking to basic dry shampoo sprays.


Sep 08, 2016

Expert Review


Wow I'm obsessed with this product! It adds volume and texture to my thin hair and it's just the perfect amount. I'm stocking up before it's out of stock again!

Sherice Zammitt

Sep 07, 2016

Expert Review

so much fun

This is a great product for building body!! The delivery system is really unique and totally different. It's kind of fun to just puff in your hair and begin to style and build body while not having to worry about damage from back combing.

Kelly Rose

Aug 01, 2016


My favorite product! Seriously amazing! It's like magic for my fine short hair! You will NOT be disappointed!