How does CBD oil make you feel? A quick guide

It is only natural to know how CBD oil feels. One wants to know whether CBD oil behaves like THC and makes one high. Thankfully, CBD oil will not make you 'high.' For the most part, taking CBD oil leaves you feeling normal, but depending on the dose, you might feel calm and uplifting age and strength, you might feel calicle to know how CBD oil makes you feel.

Understanding CBD Oil

It is a chemical substance from cannabis plants and one of the many active compounds therein. Cannabis plants like marijuana and hemp have active compounds called cannabinoids, and there are more than 113 of such, CBD oil being one. Although CBD oil is structurally similar to other cannabinoids, it stands out for its non-psychoactive effects, so many CBD users have embraced it. You can explore CBD oil by inhaling smoked and vaped CBD oil, topically applying CBD patches, balms, roll-ons, etc., on the external skin, ingesting CBD capsules and edibles, and sublingually administering CBD oil and tinctures. Irrespective of the product or deliverable method you choose, you can enjoy CBD oil in the following formulations;

  1. Isolate-based CBD oil; is pure CBD oil and has no additional compounds from cannabis plants. It is best for CBD novices, those trying to take higher CBD dosages, and regular CBD users who do not like the earthy flavor of whole-plant hemp CBD oil.
  2. Broad-spectrum CBD oil; has other cannabinoids than CBD and features other health-promoting compounds like terpenes and flavonoids. However, it has no THC and makes a great CBD option for users who want to enjoy whole-plant CBD oil without THC.
  3. Full-spectrum CBD oil; is more like broad-spectrum CBD oil but has THC as one of the many cannabinoids it boasts. If you want to enjoy CBD oil's full entourage effect and earthy flavor with THC, the full-spectrum CBD oil is the best way to go.

Does CBD Oil Make You ‘High’?

It is worth noting that CBD oil is non-psychoactive and will not make you 'high.' In fact, most CBD users find the non-psychoactive properties of CBD oil appealing, and it's no wonder that they have fully embraced it. If anything, it is THC that renders its psychoactive properties on people, making them 'high.' However, CBD oil has little to no THC, and in CBD oil formulations with THC, such as full-spectrum CBD oil, the THC concentration is minimal and too little to cause the 'high' effect. Therefore, you can look forward to having your cool and senses right with CBD oil.

What Happens If You Take Higher CBD Dosages?

CBD oil generally makes you feel normal. Still, you might want to know what it feels like to take larger CBD dosages. Even higher CBD dosages will not make you ‘high’ because CBD oil is non-psychoactive, but you might feel uplifted and light.

Taking Larger Doses of CBD Oil with Higher THC Strengths

Many people wonder what happens or feel like when you take larger dosages of CBD oil with higher THC concentrations. Although the Farm Bill was passed to make CBD legal at the federal levels, the state CBD laws vary widely. Most states with CBD oil legal federally and at state levels have THC concentration limitations. While some states want THC to be kept minimal, others allow as much as 0.6% to 1% THC. In such cases, one might feel a little 'high,' but you cannot compare this to taking THC products.

How Does One Keep the CBD Feeling Under Control?

As an interested CBD fan, you might want to know how to keep things in control and have the feeling that comes with taking CBD oil in check. It is simple; you only have to keep the dosages and strengths low until you know how much CBD oil the body can handle. It's no wonder that the golden rule in CBD dosage is to start slow and keep it low.

Talk to a Doctor

What we don't know about CBD oil outweighs the little we know about it. For instance, there is confusion in CBD dosing since the FDA does not control the production of non-prescription CBD oil, and it does not recommend any dosages for taking the cannabinoid. Therefore, before you start taking CBD oil, talk to your doctor to know the right dosage and the possibility of adverse drug interactions between CBD oil and the medication you are taking.


CBD oil is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid from hemp plants. It is outstanding for its non-psychoactive properties. It will not make you 'high' or 'stoned.' However, taking CBD oil feels normal, although it can be uplifting and calming, especially if you take higher dosages. Since CBD oil has no dosage recommendations, one needs to start low on the cannabinoid and slow. Talking to a doctor before trying any CBD product is important since it helps one know how to dose the oil and the possibility of negative interactions between CBD oil and other drugs.