How long does it take for CBD oil to work?

The amount of CBD oil, the form in which you are taking it, and your metabolic rates are a few factors determining how long it will take CBD oil to kick in. CBD oil has become part of the mainstream, and you can add it to your whipped cream at home, your afternoon tea, or use CBD-infused cooking oil for your favorite dish. It is noteworthy that CBD oil is not a one-size-fits-all substance, and it's no wonder that there is no specific time it takes to kick in for all CBD users. Peer into this article for details on how long CBD oil takes to work.

Understanding CBD Oil

It is a cannabis extract and one of the many active compounds called cannabinoids. There are more than 113 cannabinoids in cannabis plants, with CBD oil and THC being the most abundant. The two have the same number of atoms but are different in molecular arrangements and how they bind with receptors in the body. Consequently, CBD oil is non-psychoactive, and unlike THC, it does not make one 'high.' There are many ways to enjoy CBD oil, including sublingually administering its tinctures and drops, munching CBD gummies, swallowing CBD capsules, topically applying CBD creams and batches to the skin, vaping CBD e-juices, and smoking high-CBD cannabis flower. Most CBD products feature one or more CBD formulations; isolate-based, full- and broad-spectrum CBD oils.

How Long Doe CBD Oil Take to Work?

CBD oil takes no specific time to kick in across all CBD users. CBD research has been going on day and night, but studies are not conclusive on the specific time the cannabinoid takes to work. Generally, though, it can take a few minutes to 2 hours or more to express results, depending on many factors, as explained below.

Factors Influencing How Long CBD Oil Takes to Work

Many factors determine how long CBD takes to kick in, and the following are just a few;

i. The Deliverable Method

The form in which you take CBD oil determines how long it takes to work since the different deliverable methods have their bioavailability, all factors left constant. Intravenous CBD oil takes the shortest time to get to the system, but it is unsustainable, especially if you take CBD oil daily. People opt for vaping or smoking CBD oil, which takes minutes to deliver the CBD oil to the bloodstream, and you can feel the effects minutes later. Still, vaping and smoking CBD oil is not everybody's cup of tea, especially because they may trigger lung reactions, and that's where sublingual administration of CBD oil and tinctures come in. It allows CBD oil to reach the bloodstream in a few minutes, so it typically takes 15- 30 minutes or less to feel the effects. CBD edibles and capsules are great for masking the bitter taste of CBD oil, but they have lower bioavailability and absorption rates.

ii. Metabolic Rates

A person’s metabolic rates also determine how long he will take to feel the effects of CBD oil. If your body metabolizes CBD oil fast, you will take a shorter time to feel the effects of the cannabinoid than another CBD user whose metabolic rates are somewhat low. Metabolic rates vary from one person to the next, and it’s no wonder that two people can take CBD oil in similar amounts, potencies, and deliverable methods. Yet, they will take different times to feel the effects.

iii. CBD Potencies

CBD potency refers to the strength of a CBD oil in mg per ml volume. It is calculated by dividing the total CBD concentration by the volume of the container (or bottle) and is an indicator of how fast CBD oil takes to kick in, among other factors. For instance, high-strength CBD oil might take a shorter time than low-strength CBD oil to express the desired effects.

iv. The Emptiness of the Stomach When One Takes CBD Oil

How empty or full your stomach is as you take CBD oil determines how it will take the cannabinoid to work. It is no wonder that taking CBD oil on a full stomach takes a longer time to express effects that taking CBD oil on an empty stomach. It majorly applies to CBD capsules and edibles, so the next time you want faster results with them, ensure your stomach is empty.

v. The Amount of CBD Oil

Did you know that how much CBD oil you take also determines how fast you will take to feel the results? Taking larger CBD dosages might lead to one experiencing the results faster, all factors left constant.

vi. Drug Interactions Between CBD Oil and Other Medications

Much is unknown about CBD oil, including its interaction with other medications. If CBD oil interacts negatively with some medication, it might lead to adverse effects that might slow down its absorption and how fast it takes to express results. It's no wonder that you should speak to a doctor before trying any CBD product, at least to know about possible drug interactions.


How long CBD oil takes to express effects varies from one person to another. It may take a few minutes or hours, depending on the amount of CBD, its strength, the deliverable method, how empty or full your stomach is as you take it, and possible drug interactions between CBD oil and other medications. As such, one needs the patience to allow CBD oil to work.