How long does it take for CBD oil to work orally?

There is no exact time oral CBD takes to work since it can vary from 30 minutes to 2 hours. Still, this depends on many factors, including the emptiness of the stomach at the time of ingestion, body composition, and metabolism. This article takes you through the duration CBD takes to work orally.

There are many ways of consuming CBD oil, including taking it orally. CBD edibles such as gummies and mints have taken orally need time for digestion and absorption before the CBD in them kicks in to express effects. As such, oral CBD tends to take longer to show results, and you might have to wait for longer than when you take CBD oil orally. That CBD, even oral CBD oil with the same concentration will take longer in one person than the other to express results. No one answer tells how long oral CBD oil takes to work since many factors come to play, and this article takes you through all you need to know about this.

Understanding CBD Oil

CBD oil is a chemical substance and one of the cannabinoids or active compounds in cannabis plants. Among the more than 113 active cannabinoids in cannabis, CBD oil is the most abundant, and it is also popular for its non-psychoactive properties. Unlike THC, another abundant cannabinoid, you do not get 'high' from taking CBD oil. Many CBD users appreciate the non-psychoactive properties of CBD oil and take it for this very reason, other than its claimed health benefits in reducing pain, anxiety, stress, and more.

Taking CBD Oil Orally

There are many ways of taking CBD oil, one is oral intake. In the oral intake of CBD oil, you take the cannabinoid through the mouth, after which it runs through the gastrointestinal tract and is digested and absorbed into the bloodstream before absorption. CBD products taken orally include capsules and edibles like gummies and mints. Other than the oral intake, you can also effectively take CBD oil by topically applying CBD creams, balms, patches, serums, roll-ons, etc., smoking high-CBD cannabis flowers in joints, and vaping CBD oil with vape cartridges, pens, and tanks, and exploring CBD foods and drinks.

Why Do Many CBD Users Find Oral CBD Appealing?

Taking CBD orally is one of the most common ways of effectively using CBD oil for obvious reasons. The primary method of taking CBD oil is by sublingually administering it. However, many find this challenging since CBD oil is somewhat bitter, especially if it has alcohol as the base carrier or if the extraction method left chlorophyll and other compounds in the extract. As such, many CBD users find oral CBD through capsules and edibles more appealing as they mask the bitter taste of CBD oil. Besides, CBD oil has a unique earthy taste that some CBD users like, but others abhor it. Oral CBD in capsules and edibles enable the user to enjoy CBD oil without having to bear the earthy taste. CBD edibles and capsules have dosage precision and do not give a person a hard time measuring out the dosages. And if anything, CBD capsules and edibles are the best to carry on the go since they are less clumsy and more discreet.

How Long Does It Take for CBD Oil to Work Orally?

Back to the main agenda of the article, you might want to know how long CBD oil takes to work orally. Unfortunately, no one answer fits every CBD user since you might take oral CBD and feel the effects in 30 minutes, and another person who takes the same edibles or capsules in the same concentration might only experience the effects nearly after two hours. Clearly, CBD taken orally varies in how long it takes to kick in. here are the factors that determine how long oral CBD takes to work;

The Emptiness of the Stomach

How empty a person’s stomach was as he took CBD oil determines how long it will take the CBD edible or capsule to kick in. For instance, if you had nothing in the stomach when you took CBD oil orally, you might feel the effects faster than a person who takes oral CBD with a full stomach or immediately after a meal.

Metabolism Rates

How fast you metabolize CBD oil is critical in determining how long it will take the cannabinoid to kick in. For instance, if you have high metabolic rates, you will feel the effects faster. Meanwhile, a person with a slower metabolism will take longer to feel the effects, even when the dosage of the oral CBD oil is lower.

Habitual Medication

Some medications might also determine how long CBD oil takes to work orally. For instance, if you take drugs that negatively interact with CBD oil, you might have to wait for some time before feeling any effect from an oral CBD oil. Still, you might not feel the effects on the same day, but until you take the capsules or edibles repeatedly for a long time to achieve a cumulative effect.

Secretion of Digestive Enzymes and Body Weight

How much digestive enzymes are secreted also determines how long it takes for CBD oil to work orally. Like any other food, oral CBD oil needs enzymes for digestion, and anything that stands in the way of these enzymes slows down digestion, ultimately affecting how long it takes the consumer to feel the effects of CBD oil. Besides, bodyweight is a critically important factor in how long it will take CBD oil to work orally. Heavyweight individuals might digest CBD oil more slowly than thinner people since the former have lower metabolic rates because of reduced surface area.


Oral CBD oil includes CBD capsules and edibles like gummies and mints that people prefer for their ability to mask the earthy taste of CBD oil. Although they are good for varied flavors and easy to carry on the go, they may require more time than CBD oils to express results. Yet, there is no exact time it takes for oral CBD to work for every CBD user. It can take 30 minutes to 2 hours or longer, and many factors come to play in determining the action time. Peer into this article to know how long oral CBD will take to show results.