Original Power Smokey Eye - 3CT

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Invisibobble® Hair Ring: Power - the Strong Grip Hair ring! The intensified spiral shape of the invisibobble® POWER gives your hair an extra strong grip during sports or other high-energy activity, without compromising the high wearing comfort. 


The POWER is the perfect companion for your intense workout as it doesn’t absorb fluids and can be easily taken out of wet hair without tangling. Based on muted make-up looks invisibobble® presents four new elegant colors: Luscious Lashes – metallic black, Marilyn Monred – a subtle red, Smokey Eye – a light grey tone and Make-up Your Mind – a mixture of nude und brown.
The ORIGINAL allows a traceless hold. The POWER on the other hand gives your hair an extra strong grip and the NANO is the perfect updo tool.


The strong grip hair ring doesn’t only tackle every sporting challenge and tames your flowing mane, but it also avoids split ends, hair breakage and headaches. on top of all that: it is also suitable for allergy sufferers because of the special material of the bobble. can this product really be the answer to all of those problems? yes, because invisibobble® is that simple.

  • Extra Strong Grip
  • No Split Ends
  • Avoids headaches
  • Hair caring
  • Non-soaking
  • Strong grip
  • Revolutionary updo tool


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