Is it better to take CBD oil before or after meals?

Although you may take CBD oil before or after a meal, it sounds better and boosts bioavailability after a meal. Foods rich in fats boost bioavailability, which means you increase CBD oil benefits. This article discusses taking CBD oil before or after a meal, so delve into it to have all questions answered.

Understanding CBD Oil

CBD oil is the active chemical substance from cannabis plants and one of the many active elements therein, also called cannabinoids. However, there are more than 113 cannabinoids in nature, and CBD oil expresses the desired effects without causing the 'high' effect. CBD oil comes in many forms other than its liquid form, including tinctures, edibles, capsules, topicals, and vapes. You can enjoy any of these products in the following formulations;

  1. Isolate-based CBD oil; has purified CBD without any other cannabis compounds and is great for CBD users who want nothing to do with the earthy taste of CBD oil or want to enjoy CBD oil in larger doses and higher potencies.
  2. Full-spectrum CBD oil; features many cannabinoids other than CBD and has THC with terpenes and flavonoids. Full-spectrum versions are the best go-for options if you want to enjoy the earthy taste of whole hemp CBD oil.
  3. Broad-spectrum CBD oil; is more like full-spectrum CBD oil and has many cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids but lacks THC.

CBD Oil with Food: Confusing Instructions

The FDA does not regulate the production of non-prescription CBD oil, leaving many gasps that CBD users have to fill on their own. Most users consult a doctor before trying any CBD oil to know how to dose the cannabinoid and the possibility of CBD interacting with other drugs if you are taking any. Even after consulting a doctor, one may struggle with taking CBD oil since some instructions on the labels are confusing. For instance, some CBD oil labels ask users to take the cannabinoid with food, while others advise orally or sublingually. However, the instructions for taking CBD oil with food do not specify whether you should take the cannabinoid before, with, or after food. People take it either way but wonder which time sounds better.

Never Take CBD Oil on an Empty Stomach

While you may wonder when best to take CBD oil with food- before, during, or after a meal, you should never take it on an empty stomach. You will not only be minimizing bioavailability but also wasting something precious. CBD oil is expensive since they are new and because of its novelty, throwing your money in the drain is the last thing you want to do with the oil. Taking CBD oil on an empty stomach also lowers the potency of the cannabinoid, yet you want to benefit fully from it and see the full value of your hard-earned money.

CBD After or Before a Meal?

CBD oil after a meal sounds better and ensures the high bioavailability of the cannabinoid. CBD oil comes in a carrier oil because the stomach cannot absorb CBD as it is, and the carrier helps increase bioavailability. Carrier oils like MCT coconut or olive oils boost bioavailability further since CBD is fat-soluble. Eating foods with fat and following them with CBD oil makes the oil more bioavailable. Of course, CBD oil is not 100% bioavailable, but taking it after food heightens bioavailability, helping the user benefit from CBD.

Which Foods Should You Take As You Anticipate Taking CBD Oil?

It's fat-soluble, so taking fat-rich foods boosts the bioavailability of CBD oil. Eggs, avocados, fish, and nuts are also fat-rich, and taking them before CBD oil boosts the bioavailability of CBD oil.

Take CBD Oil Sublingually for Higher Bioavailability

Most labels state two options for taking CBD oil; oral and sublingual intake. Oral intake means the oil glands in the stomach and its entirety and is taken to the liver for absorption, taking up to 30 minutes or less to express effects. Contrarily, taking CBD sublingually allows a good percentage of the oil to be absorbed through the capillaries in the mucoid membrane under the tongue. Only a small percentage goes to the stomach and is absorbed through the liver. Remember, the longer the oil travel, the more it loses potency, and it's no wonder that sublingual intake allows higher bioavailability since much of the oil is absorbed directly under the tongue.


While people take CBD oil before and after a meal, the latter sounds better. It allows more bioavailability of the oil, enabling the body to benefit from a more potent cannabinoid. Besides, the food taken with CBD oil matters. Fat-rich foods like eggs, avocado, fish, and nuts hemp maximize bioavailability since CBD oil is fat-soluble. Ultimately, sublingual CBD intake supersedes oral intake since it enhances absorption.