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A restorative, deep conditioning treatment that nourishes and leaves hair soft and shiny.


It's a 10 Miracle Leave-In delivers instant results and is an ideal solution for smoothing hair, eliminating frizz, restoring shine and enhancing natural body. An excellent nourishing treatment that can be used alone or as a restorative styling product that leaves hair soft and bouncy. Works with all hair types to bring out natural luster and manageability, while making hair stronger and healthier with every use.

For a smooth yet controlled style, place one or two sprays of It’s a 10 Miracle Leave-In into the palm of hands. Gently run fingers through dry, styled hair for added finish. For extra shine, apply more product to wet hair, then blow dry and style as desired.

Key Ingeredients: 

  • Panthenol: A highly effective strengthener 
  • Sunflower Seed Extract: Natural sunscreen that guards against color fading and brassiness 
  • Green Tea Leaf Extract: Shields hair from environmental damage with powerful antioxidants 
  • Silk Amino Acids: Restores natural moisture balance while adding strength and shine
  • Citric Acid (Vitamin C): A powerful antioxidant that protects hair's natural strength and beauty


  • Detangles
  • Prevents split ends
  • Protects color
  • Eliminates frizz
  • Acts as a heat protectant
  • Seals & protects hair
  • Adds shine and creates silkiness
  • Enhances natural body



4 out of 5 stars

Lindsey Gustafson

Feb 12, 2017

Expert Review

Great detangler

This product is a great detangler for unmanageable hair, thick or thin. Just use less with fine hair as the product can be very heavy with just one spray. Otherwise a great product for many clients.

Jaclyn Lanza

Jan 07, 2017

Expert Review

Easy to use

Great leave in product to protect your hair. I recommend to a lot of my younger clients as it is very easy to use and can be distributed well with a comb if sprayed too close.

Vicki Yount

Dec 30, 2016

Expert Review

Everyone's must-have

I've never seen a leave-in conditioner work so well. After 25 years in the business I've tried everything that comes out and I haven't switched from it's a 10 since it was new to the market.

Rylie Rich

Dec 09, 2016

Expert Review

One of my faves

This is God's gift to Earth. No matter if you have healthy hair or brittle hair, everyone should use this!

Danea Sutton

Nov 01, 2016

Expert Review

Perfect Leave-In Treatment

I love using this on all of my clients because it helps condition the hair, detangle and smells great! This is great to spray on after you have washed your hair to help comb through without breakage.

Bella Barr

Oct 20, 2016

Expert Review

I love it's a 10!!

I have tried lots of different leave in conditioners and nothing holds a candle to it's a 10 products. They never disappoint!

Tyler graves

Oct 19, 2016

Expert Review

all in one product

so many benefits all in this one product! great to help detangle and makes the hair feel so silky. this product works so well for anti frizz! also very hydrating for the hair. one of the best leave in conditioners ever.

Brittney Shelton

Oct 11, 2016

Expert Review

Must have

Great detangler for color treated or virgin hair. Smelled amazing and also makes travel size

Katie Dutra

Oct 10, 2016

Expert Review

One of my all time favorites!

Great for dry or damaged hair, perfect leave in conditioner and treatment! Spray through hair before blow drying. A great product without feeling too heavy.

Joseline Vargas

Oct 10, 2016

Expert Review

Best Leave In Conditioner

It's a must have for me, and its the number 1 product I recommend to all of my clients.

Hollie Jacques

Oct 09, 2016

Expert Review

Elixir of Life

I can't get enough! As a bottle blonde, I can't comb through my hair without it. It leaves my hair in such great shape to style how I please!

Ashlee Valeros

Oct 09, 2016

Expert Review

I use this on every client

Detangler-yes. Leave in conditioner-yes. Blowout aid-yes. If I had to use only one product on every client for the rest of my career this would be the one. I jumped on the Its A 10 bandwagon back when they first came out and never looked back. It's a savior of hair.

Alexandria Cipriano

Oct 07, 2016

Expert Review

Miracle product!!

This is not only one of the best leave in conditioners but one of the best products in the industry! Absolute holy grail product that detangles in an instant, conditions, adds shine, the list goes on! Life changing product that you nees in your life!!

Brittany Hodge

Oct 05, 2016

Expert Review

Everyone should own this!

There is not one customer that I do not use this on because it is beneficial to all different types of hair. It does 10 beneficial things to your hair including taming frizz, protecting color, thermal protection, split ends, detangling and much more! This is staple product for absolutely anyone.

Rebekah Ackerland

Oct 02, 2016

Expert Review

My favorite detangeler

This is my all time favorite product! I spray it in the hair then I comb through so easily. My hair feels and looks healthier after using this product. It really is a 10!

Abby Britton

Sep 30, 2016

Expert Review


This product does exactly what its supposed to do! It works miracles!

Jamie Dana

Sep 28, 2016

Expert Review

BEST Leave In Conditioner out there!

I love this conditioning spray! It is SO amazing for detangling! If your hair tangles easily, I totally recommend trying this product! It's my favorite and I can't go a day without it!

Gabrielle Tucci

Sep 26, 2016

Expert Review

Simply the best

For breakage, high lift blondes or tangles it a must. This product changed a lot of my clients' hair.

marian toma

Sep 19, 2016

Expert Review

Exactly what it says...its a 10!

10 stars if I could, this product is absolutely amazing, especially for those wanting an "all-in-one" product after washing. Smells amazing. A little goes a long way. When it's a quarter left you can add 1 oz of water (pure) into it, and it'll last you even longer!! If you have thinner hair though I'd recommend the "Lite" version" so it's not too heavy! Love love love!

Zarena Flemmings

Aug 18, 2016

Expert Review

Love this product!

This is my absolute favorite! I love this leave-in and I use it on all of my clients. It does exactly what it says and I love the way it makes the hair feel, not to mention it smells amazing!


Apr 11, 2016

Love it!

I am African American and, although I'm natural now, I have hair ends that are dried out from relaxers in the past and hair color. This stuff really smooths out those fried ends and gives a nice shine. I started with the smallest size, but I'm sure I will be repurchasing in the future.

Sarah Ellis

Apr 09, 2015

Expert Review

Love it!

This is a great light weight leave in conditioner for all hair types.

Tijiuan Mcneil

Apr 01, 2015

Expert Review

Good for natural or chemically treated hair

This is a good moisturizing conditioner, for dry, chemically or mechanically damaged hair and the best part is you don't rinse it out! It's leave-in so you get the continued benefits, it's great on natural hair and styles, natural hair can be very DRY and this helps with moisture it's also a good moisturizer/heat protectant if you want to wear it straight or curled.


Feb 23, 2015


Leaps and bounds better than any other leave in conditioner I have found. It’s the best detangler and leave in EVER. It gives me softer more bouncy hair than I would have imagined it could. It’s also really lightweight so it’s perfect for my thick hair.