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Color Infuse Red Shampoo

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Specially formulated shampoo to revive and maintain red hair.


Red hair color fades faster than any other shade. This new hair care system, specially formulated for red heads, gently cleanses and moisturizes while depositing color refreshing pigments. The Multi-Spectrum Defense Complex™ fights both physical and environmental factors that cause color fading and tonal change. Reds instantly appear brighter and more luminous.


Multi-Spectrum Defense Complex™ features a fade-defying blend of Green Tea extract, antioxidants, and UV protectors that fight both the physical and environmental factors that cause fading and tonal change. Bio-Advanced Peptide Complex™ lasts up to 25 shampoos, helping repair damage and preventing future damage.

When you first start using Color Infuse Red Shampoo and Conditioner, use them every other time you shampoo and then adjust your usage from there. Use them as often as needed maintain your perfect red intensity.

If you are red all over, apply your Color Infuse Red Shampoo starting at the scalp, where your hair is less porous. Let the shampoo work its way through your ends as you rinse. Apply your Color Infuse Red Conditioner just to the ends, then let it naturally deposit into your more porous ends as you rinse.

If you have red highlights in a darker base, you can safely apply Color Infuse Red to all of your hair; the dyes will just slightly affect your dark base while refreshing your red highlights.

If your hair is really faded, allow the Color Infuse Red Conditioner to sit on your hair for 5 minutes. If you’re just fighting a minimal amount of fading, 1-2 minutes will be sufficient.

  • Instantly boosts red tones and highlights
  • Increases color vibrancy and shine
  • Infuses hair with vital moisture while combating frizz
  • Proven to reduce breakage by more than 53%*
  • Repairs damaged hair and protects against future damage with Bio-Advanced Peptide Complex
  • Proven to strengthen hair, making it 2 times more resistant to breakage*
  • Helps protect color against fading with Multi-Spectrum Defense Complex™
*Against combing breakage on damaged hair vs. a non-conditioning shampoo.

Anionic Dye Technology: An exclusive technology that ensures our dyes affix to the hair fibers and stay attached through regular shampooing.

Multi-Spectrum Defense Complex: A fade-defying blend of Green Tea, antioxidants and sunscreens that help fight both the physical and environmental factors that cause fading and tonal change.

Bio-Advanced Peptide Complex: Our powerful reconstructive technology proven to repair existing hair damage and prevent future for up to 25 shampoos.



5 out of 5 stars

Nichole Schohn

May 12, 2017

Expert Review

Refresh your red haircolor at home!

If you get your hair colored red from a professional stylist then this is a great take home toner for your hair. It makes your color last longer until your next touch-up.


Apr 02, 2015


If you have red hair..this is absolutely for keeps your hair shiny and red until your next color. Years ago there were red shampoos everywhere..then they were discontinued.. so I am very excited joico has created this!!!!!


Nov 19, 2014

I have been WAITING for this!!

I have been a red-head for 3 years now, and my biggest complaint is fading. I tried this product and I'm so excited to have this help me keep my investment in my color.