Hair Shake Finishing Texturizer Spray

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Add texture and volume with Hair Shake, a unique liquid-to-powder finishing texturizer.


Texturize, volumize, dramatize with Joico's Hair Shake! You’ll know it’s radically different the second you shake the bottle: That’s when the stainless steel ball we’ve tucked inside (think paint-can genius) begins to work its magic, turning our extraordinary new liquid-to-powder texturizer into a micro-fine mist that amps up hair with the most touchable, velvety-soft, mega-volume finish. Spray it, layer it, play with it…and get a dose of damage protection in a single shot.


Hair Shake is the perfect choice for: Any hair type, texture, or color–but especially brilliant on strands that need a texture boost or some, shall we say, “oil absorption”.airshake 

With a hit of the nozzle and a few passes over your hair, the flash-dry formula delivers luscious texture, grip, lift, and thickness… without weighing down a single strand. Use your fingers to create the look you want.

Use it after a blow-dry for additional volume; or grab it on Day Two for instant oomph.

The inside secret: The perfect mix of powder and liquid creates an almost invisible mist that delivers powerful ingredients: Joico’s Bio-Advanced Peptide Complex, designed exclusively to help repair and protect against future damage.



4 out of 5 stars

Connie Senter

Mar 28, 2016

Expert Review

So easy!

Builds up the volume of your hair.

Kayla Celinske

Feb 15, 2016

Expert Review

So fun

Best hair texturizer! Create magic and fullness!


Oct 04, 2015

A must have for my hairstyle

Love the volume and texture it gives my hair. Lasts all day...Love the product


Sep 04, 2015

Can you say bombshell hair?!

Texture, volume, hold all in one! I have long hair that is pretty heavy so falls flat quickly. This stuff is a lifesaver! I get volume all over and lovely texture. A must-have product!


Aug 27, 2015

great for 2nd day hair

this added fantastic texture, volutme, and hold for my second day hair


Aug 24, 2015

Great volume for flat hair

This product is amazing! I have extremely flat, straight, and long hair, but Hair Shake gives my hair volume and helps it hold curl all day. I use it with AG Foam Weightless Mousse (on my roots) for a little extra lift. I have tried countless volumizing products and this one is by far my favorite!

Jolly Jane

Aug 18, 2015


I have been using a dust product for years, although it gave volume it left my hair sticky. Then I tried Hair Shake and I instantly feel in love. It went on light and the fragrance is very appealing. Will never go back to dust again

Hun Munn

Aug 05, 2015

Amazing product

I have thin hair but when I use this stuff it gives amazing lift and fullness! I love this stuff I would recommend it to anyone!

Angela Salazar

Jul 08, 2015

Amazing for baby fine hair

This does not make my hair feel sticky or heavy. I love it. It's a combo between a salt spray and a dry shampoo, but it's lighter than that. Gives perfect amount of texture to my blonde baby fine bob.

Ali Haus

Jun 23, 2015

Expert Review

Fab umph for fine short hair.

Fantastic dry texture mist gives hair life!

Lisette Jansson

Jun 18, 2015

Expert Review

For added volume and texture

A great product to add texture and volume to hair without leaving the hair stiff or sticky.


Jun 01, 2015


This product definitely helped my flat hair get the volume and fullness it needed. The texture and dryness it gave to my hair reminded me of dry shampoo. It was great for the day but needed to wash the stiffness out.

Katee Chandler

May 31, 2015

Expert Review

Easy beach hair

Going for the beach hair look but your hair isn't the type to cooperate, this is the product you need! It will definitley achieve that beach look your going for, and it comes out dry on your hair so you don't have to worry about the liquid getting hard in your hair.


May 25, 2015

Expert Review

Already textured hair, beware!

I love that this product is a spray and I don't have to sprinkle powder into my client's hair, so very convenient! However, I have curly textured hair already and this was overkill! Works great on people with straight hair that can't get their style to hold all day. I used it for prom styles, on my fine, straight hair client's and they LOVED it! Delivered long lasting results for them, that they had never gotten before.


May 23, 2015

Joico New Hair Shake Rocks

I have thinning hair with little texture with out product. This product gave me lift and texture while providing the hold that my hair needs. Greatly recommended.


May 22, 2015

It works and is FUN

Makes my hair look great.


May 19, 2015

Great for 2nd Day Hair

I have found myself reaching for Hair Shake instead of my normal dry shampoo! My long hair gets very flat on day 2 and this helps add the volume back! It smells great and dries quickly.


May 18, 2015

50-50 on this product

I am a big texture spray person, but I can't decide on this product. If you like the feeling of damp hair from a product and working it til it's dry - you'll love this. I prefer a dry spray that I can work and see results immediately.


May 17, 2015

Expert Review

Never really liked texturing sprays ...until now

I love the non gritty feel and immediate texture boost Hair Shake leaves on the hair. Plus the fact that its not "wet" is a huge factor for me. I can really layer it on the finish style ,which is when you really want to add the extra va va voom.....AFTER the curling and styling.


May 12, 2015

Expert Review

Liquid to powder?!

This product is INSANE! It works wonders on all hair types, any style or texture, from a fine pixie cut to long locks. It keeps the hair looking clean and volumized while giving it the perfect amount of volume and texture. Love, love, love!


May 12, 2015

Expert Review

Highly Recommend

Works for all hair types. I have my guest use this product for volume and added texture for beachy looking hair. I fall in love with it every time I use it!


May 11, 2015

Expert Review

This is going to win awards!

This is THE best new product I have used this year and I love it! Perfect texture, gives hair the right amount of texture without making the hair feel to unlike its normal state. It isnt heavy and does amazing things for curled hair. I cannot say enough good things about this product. Volume, texture, scent, it hits a 10 on all levels!


May 06, 2015

Just the right amount of texture

This gave my hair the perfect amount of texture and grip. I didn't like the way it made my hair feel (ratty and rough) but I guess if you want texture you have to give and take. In this case I'll take the the texture because it's perfect!


Apr 28, 2015

Expert Review


I love this product, it gave my long hair lots of volume without residue. I would be recommending to all my clients

Carla Jo

Apr 23, 2015

Seriously lasting volume

This is legit. I used hair shake around 2pm in the afternoon to zhuzh up my shoulder length hair - the volume seriously lasted all night. I didn't get home until 1 am - my hair was still full and didn't feel sticky or weighed down. I love the smell too! I wish Joico made perfume.