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Fall Sweepstakes

Fall in love with the CosmoProf App & Loxa Scripts 
for a chance to win $10,000!

Loxa Beauty is partnering with CosmoProf again to show appreciation and give back to stylists. Every week for eight weeks, we will select TWO lucky stylists to win $10,000 each.

The winners will be selected at random based on qualifying entries during the promotional period of September 3, 2017 and October 28, 2017.


What is a Loxa Script?

A Loxa Script is a personalized product recommendation you send to your clients, friends and family.
 You can keep your clients stocked on products they already use, or suggest new products.

Send Loxa Scripts to your 
clients from the CosmoProf App

Your client shops your recommendations on

You earn a commission on every product your client buys!

Plus, your clients gets free shipping on orders redeemed from Loxa Scripts!

Need some tips on talking to your clients about Loxa Scripts?

I am constantly watching the CosmoProf app and the promotions as I am sending Loxa Scripts,
 so if I see a good deal on a product, I quickly recommend it to my clients, especially if it's something 
they have been wanting to try. They can purchase what they want, or none at all.

In other cases, I start out at the shampoo bowl and ask what products they are using on their hair. 
They ask ‘Is that bad?’ or ‘What do you think I should use?’ and I say ‘Oh yes, I am going to send you 
a Loxa Script!’ I know that my clients have spent so much getting their hair done, and I'm not asking 
them for more. I am simply making a personal list for them as my recommendations for home use.

It's their choice, I've done my job and Loxa does the rest!

Tori Wells, stylist from Pilot Point, Texas

How to Enter:

Download the CosmoProf App

Downloading the app is free and easy. Login with your CosmoProf Beauty web account to access the app.

Tap the Loxa Scripts Icon

Start recommending
 professional beauty products.

Send Loxa Scripts

Send Loxa Scripts to your clients,
friends and family anytime, anywhere.

Get started

Receive One Entry For:

  • Every Loxa Script sent and opened
  • Every Loxa Script that leads to a purchase
  • When a client selects you as their stylist during checkout

Loxa Loves Stylists Spring 2017 Winners

I answered the phone and an excited voice said, "YOU WON". I couldn't believe it! On the very same day 
I opened my own studio, I had actually won. I couldn't help but feel like it was a sign, that in this moment, 
I was on the right path. Especially since opening my studio I couldn't afford to stock an entire retail shelf.
 Loxa Scripts were perfect because I could still ensure my clients were maintaining the proper at-home regimen, and I was still able to make a commission. I'll put some of the money I won into my new studio, I'll pay off some debt, and even though I shouldn't, I am putting some aside for my dream vacation! Tiki hut on a beach,
 if you were curious.

Carli Ambrose, hair stylist from Eastham, Massachusetts

I am a single mom who just loves hair and is trying her best to follow her dream. I totally balled when Loxa called. I mean first off, who doesn't love and use the CosmoProf App?! Such a blessing and an amazing thing to do; give back. With my winnings, our salon got a new front desk setup: a computer and a booking program to track all of our success, sales and retails. Game changer, of course! I'm also investing in education: getting our salon certified in new extension techniques. I'm planning on hiring a business coach to help take our salon marketing to the next level.

Elizabeth Faye, hair stylist from Washington, Utah

Winners will be notified by phone from a Loxa Beauty marketing team member. For official rules of the Loxa Loves Stylists Fall Sweepstakes, visit our official rules page.