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Beth Minardi

Fortifying Pre-Wash Therapy Treatment

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The Fortifying Pre-Wash Therapy Treatment is an ultra luxurious créme-oil emulsion that deeply infuses dry, damaged hair with maximum levels of moisture and nourishment. 


Aluxurious formula from Beth Minardi deeply infuses dry, damaged hair with maximum levels of moisture and nourishment. Instantly restores silkiness, strength and shine while maintaining color's brilliance between salon visits. Our most intensive treatment for use in-salon and at home.

Note: Not to be used on wet hair. 

To effectively hydrate and strengthen extremely dehydrated, damaged hair, apply to dry hair and allow to remain for 15 - 20 minutes before shampooing with Minardi Energizing Wash No. 1. Note: Do not use on wet hair.

Formulated for all color treated hair

  • A mix of fatty acids, proteins, lipids and water to rebuild hair with what it's made out of.
  • Lavender and amber scent.
  • Instantly restores silkiness, combability, strength and shine.
  • Maintains color's brilliance and beauty between salon visits.



4 out of 5 stars


Apr 16, 2015

Expert Review

Leaves hair with great shine, feel, and condition

I started using the Minardi Pre-Wash Therapy in the salon, where I put it on the hair that is not being colored during a color service. (The ends of hair when doing a retouch, or on hair that's not in foils) Since it is made to go on dry hair so it can absorb better, it is the perfect deep conditioning service. I save time when it sits on the hair during the color processing time. After it is shampooed out, the hair ends up feeling healthy, looking shiny, and combs through easily. The best thing is, it is not just a salon treatment, it can be used at home. I suggest applying the prewash (1-2 times a week) about a half hour before getting in the shower in the morning, just work it through the hair and enjoy the delightful fragrance while you drink your coffee! Shampoo and condition like normal in the shower, and enjoy that salon feeling at home.


Apr 10, 2015

Expert Review

Great Product: Let me tell you how to use it.

I was given a sample of the Pre-Wash treatment. It was the single product which led me to carrying the whole Minardi line in my salon. I DID NOT READ THE DIRECTIONS when I got it. So I used it on client's hair that I had just rinse the color from. I applied it to the wet hair BEFORE the shampoo. This is not how it's supposed to be used but I found my colors to be more vibrant and the hair felt great. Of course the shampoo didn't sudz as much but that was a great trade off. If you have colored hair I advise you to use a dab on your midshaft to ends before every time you shampoo. You'll love it, even if you have fine hair. If you have long hair, or colored hair, or if you are a colorist who has applied highlights, apply this on the dry hair midshaft to ends 15 minutes before shampooing. You're hair will always feel great! A great tip from Jon-David "Mafia Hairdresser"


Jul 31, 2014


I found the pre-wash to be weird and confusing. I don't know that it did anything for my color.


Apr 29, 2014


I'm so glad my salon recommended this product for my highlighted hair. I've never had more manageable hair with great body...and shine! Use it 3 times a week at first to get hair in shape, then about 1 time a week.