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SolarOil is a nutrient rich conditioning cuticle oil.


CND SolarOil is an award-winning cuticle oil that's infused with jojoba oil and vitamin E. Repeated use drives nutrients in deeper, creating stronger, healthier nails and hydrated cuticle area.

CND's selection of professional, high-quality products provides you with everything you need to create healthy, high-fashion hands and nails.



5 out of 5 stars

Nikki Wilson

Mar 22, 2018

Expert Review

Best cuticle oil

Don’t you just hate getting a hangnail? You won’t get them at all if you smooth this on daily. Made with almond oil and other good stuff to nourish your nails to perfection.


Nov 02, 2017

Expert Review

Great for daily use!

I love the CND Cuticle Solar Oil! Just a tiny drop around the nail's cuticle goes SO far. It has a sweet almond scent that lingers as you massage the oil around the nails but does fade off eventually. The scent is not at all overbearing. The oil leaves the cuticle moisturized and helps to prevent hang nails and promotes healthy nail growth! I use it for every manicure and keep a mini in my purse for personal use especially through the winter weather when my nails and skin tend to need an extra pick me up!

M Bridget House

Oct 31, 2016

Expert Review

Best cuticle oil out there!

This has been my go to cuticle oil for over 20 years. It's a wonderful dry oil. It smells amazing, just like almonds!

Kristie Miranda

Oct 31, 2016

Expert Review


Solar oil is a great cuticle oil. I try other brands but I always come back to this.


Oct 24, 2016


I have been using this product for years and it's all I've ever needed to keep my nails and cuticles healthy.

Diana Bell

Oct 23, 2016

Expert Review

My go to

Whenever my cuticles are dry and out of wack this helps replenish the dry skin instantly. Looks great on just natural nails & after a fresh mani

April Foster

Oct 23, 2016

Expert Review


THE best product in the nail industry!!! Protects cuticles and helps buffing process

Joan Yeager

Oct 10, 2016

Expert Review

A must have to maintain healthy nails!

I recommend all my clients to use this daily and in between nail appointments to maintain healthy nails.

Katie Dutra

Oct 10, 2016

Expert Review

Great cuticle oil to keep your nails healthy!

I love this cuticle and recommend it to my clients. Use at least once a day around the cuticle and under the nail to ensure healthy skin and nails.

Ashley Gregory

Oct 04, 2016

Expert Review

If you do one thing for your nails...

Cuticle oil is the best thing you can do for your nails. Using cuticle oil over and around your nails multiple times a day is like doing what deep conditioner does for you hair - it nourishes your nails, keeps them flexible, and moisturizes underneath gel polish.

Jamie Swink

Jul 31, 2015

Expert Review


Apply twice a day and have strong, healthy nails and cuticles!

Teresa Kuhn

Apr 12, 2015

Expert Review

Oil for your nails

I have a lot of clients ask me what to use on thier nails if their nails are dry and cracking. THIS IS THE PRODUCT TO USE


Apr 05, 2015

Expert Review

Best cuticle oil out there

My fills stay longer. I can't live without this stuff. Keeps my cuticles moist and nails looking great.

Samantha Spaur

Apr 04, 2015

Expert Review

Only Cuticle Oil I Use!

I have tried many cuticle oils but the CND Solar Oil seems to feel and smell the best. 5 star for sure!

Jill Wright

Apr 03, 2015

Expert Review

A must-have product for all types of nails!

2x Daily use of Solar Oil helps keep nails supple, so they will flex as opposed to breaking. It also keeps hangnails away & keeps nail enhancements from drying out. Often when your hands are in water, your nail enhancements will get brittle & lifting will occur because your natural nail plate is drying out. Plus your natural nail free edge will begin to curl away from the nail enhancement resulting in dirt getting trapped between the layers. 2x daily use under the nails & over the top around the cuticle, then rubbing it in to your nails will help keep your nails looking their best!


Apr 01, 2015

a must have

CND Solar oil is a must have for everyone. It heals your cuticles and softens them and it smells fantastic


Mar 29, 2015

Expert Review

Great for cuticles and more

The blend of oils in this product make it a wonderful product to keep cuticles in great shape! It can also help nourish and repair other trouble spots on the skin


Mar 29, 2015

Expert Review

a "must-have" product for your nails

This product has been used consistently in our salon since it was released. It provides nourishment to dry cuticles, as well as any problem area you have on your skin.


Mar 24, 2015

Expert Review

Great Cuticle Strengthener!!!

I really love the Solar oil it really works with clients that have really dry up cuticles. Its absorbs quickly and it really does work/ :)


Mar 12, 2015

Expert Review

Great dry dry cuticles

I use this daily! Its quick absorption is amazing and doesn't feel greasy. No more hang nails and torn cuticles!


Jun 09, 2014

Must have for worn cuticles

Solar Oil is the best thing I've found to combat worn cuticles. Those cuticles that have been abused through hand washing, dish washing, dry air, and overall mistreatment. Plus the light almond scent makes it absolutely divine. I even know men who enjoy this product!


May 05, 2014

great nail care

This goes on so easy and absorbs nicely...not real oily after rubbing in a bit. In just a few days I saw great improvement in my cuticles.