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Paul Mitchell

Curl Twirl Around

Item #575402 | Size 5.1 oz


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A dual smoothing gel and hydrating cream.


Twirl Around separates, defines, and tames frizzy, unruly curls without making hair crunchy. Curls are bouncy and retain their shape all day. Dual formula swirls together hydrating cream and smoothing gel. It helps curls retain their bounce all day long. Smoothing and softening conditioners keep curls looking their best, while the crunch-free fixative leaves curls soft and touchable.

Work through hair to form sculpted ringlets. Scrunch in to enhance curls and waves. Air-dry of diffuse.

Twirl Around defines your curls with a natural crunch-free feeling.

  • Helps curls retain their bounce all day long.
  • Smoothing, conditioning, softening conditioners keep curls looking their best.
  • Crunch-free fixative leaves curls soft and touchable.



4 out of 5 stars

Jennifer Leon

May 28, 2016

Expert Review

Curl Product

Great for wavy to spring curls to add a little moisture, no crunchy feeling. Less is more. Apply in small sections, scrunching upward towards scalp with head flipped over. My favorite product for curly hair from this manufacturer.


Apr 07, 2016

LOVE the product. Hate the price.

This product works like a dream. I have VERY thick hair that is VERY curly/frizzy when left to dry naturally. This product tames the curls like a mousse, but feels like there is nothing in it when it's dry. And it keeps them curly looking, naturally beautiful and bouncy for a day or two longer than mousse, as well. The problem? I have to use a TON of it because of my hair length and thickness. So, I can only get about 5, maybe 6, uses out of one bottle. I'm no stranger to high priced hair products. In fact, I refuse to waste money on drug store brands anymore because of the damage they've left me with in the past. But, $23 for 5-6 uses is a bit much. I would, still, however HIGHLY recommend this product. I'll probably even just eat the cost, as I have come to love this product too much to switch back to mousse outside of work. It's a five star item, with one less star for the expense.

Teri McCoy

Jan 04, 2016

Expert Review

My Favorite for Curly Hair or Not So Curly!

I LOVE this combo of gel and cream because it is incredibly versatile for both curly and straight hair. Get the hold of a traditional gel while smoothing down flyaway hair with the cream. I use this product in wet-setting the hair and afterwards to define and smooth curls. I bought so much of this that I started using it in my own straight hair and I found that it works great to support the Mohawk that I wear with my short undercut do.


May 04, 2015

Expert Review


If your looking for those spiral curls but dont want to get a perm or use a curling iron, this is for sure the product to use!


Apr 13, 2015

Attention curly girls

If you have curly hair this is for you and you will love it!!!!!!!

Diane F

Mar 11, 2015

Better curls

Holds my curls together but lets them bounce around. My hair doesn’t get crunchy when it dries and even keeps the frizz away.


Dec 03, 2014

My beautiful curls

I love this stuff! I've been cheating on my straight hair with my curls. You have to try this if you have curly hair.