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Paul Mitchell

Express Ion Dry+

Item #576935


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An updated version of the Express Ion Dry with advanced styling capabilities allows you to get salon-quality results at home.


The Express Ion Dry+ is updated with high-tech digital features, an ultra-lightweight ergonomic design and a powerful motor for an advanced drying experience. Express Ion Dry+ dries hair quickly and gently from the inside out, preventing frizz. The unique Express Ion Complex™ leaves hair healthy, silky and hydrated.

  • 5 temperatures/5 speed settings 
  • Express Ion Complex™ ensures healthy, shiny results
  • Self-locking cool shot button
  • Digital LCD Display shows temperature, airflow and cool shot settings: Red for Heat+Airflow, Blue for Cool Shot Setting
  • Complimentary diffuser with vented fingertips to lift and define curls
  • Easy snap removeable filter
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Lightweight
  • 1875-watt professional DC motor
  • 9 ft. cord
  • 1 year limited manufacturer warranty


Ideal for all hair types, especially long/thick/curly/frizzy hair.



4 out of 5 stars


Jan 12, 2016

Great dryer - no regrets!

This is a really great dryer. I read up on reviews before purchasing this, and now that I have it, based on the reviews I read, I conclude: -Yes, it can fry your hair if you max out the heat. Don't be stupid. Keep the heat at medium -Yes,I'm sure there are cheaper options out there that perform just as well. I'm sure I paid a hefty premium for this, but I like it so in the end it's a win-win. -Air flow is real nice compared to my 15 year old Brown brand dryer. It's really a night-and-day comparison. The Brown goes in the trash. It's useless compared to this thing. I did not expect that!


Aug 22, 2015

AMAZING, Absolutely the BEST hair dryer!

I have had many hair dryers, all say they do this and that and are healthy for your hair. Well, they were wrong! This Paul Mitchell hair dryer is simply amazing. It out-performs all that I have ever owned, and they were supposed to be professional as well. This hair dryer dries my hair in less than 1/2 the time of my last professional dryer. My hair feels and looks healthier. I LOVE that it has 5 temperatures and 5 speed settings! That makes for a LOT of options when drying your hair! I hate to use heat on my hair but with this you have the capability to use the least amount of heat to get the style you need. That means less damage! The cool shot button works great! At the price, you get a lot for your buck, because it comes with the diffuser and a nozzle for directed flow. Paul Mitchell has set the bar high! LOVE


Apr 29, 2015

Fast drying, great features

Blow drying my curly, frizz prone hair into a smooth blowout has always been a challenge. This dryer made it easier though. I like the digital features and the control for air flow and heat. I also like the cool shot button. I think I need more practice achieving a smooth style, but this is the closest I've got. I will say it's not the lightest though - definitely not heavy, but I've held lighter dryers.


Jan 28, 2015

Best hair dryer I've ever used!

I used to buy the cheap $20 dryers and there is a reason why those are cheap. The Express Ion Dry+ has so many different heat and temp settings to choose from! It's easy to hold for long periods of time and I LOVE the 9 ft. cord. After I use this my hair is shiny, more hydrated and has less frizz. I'll never go back to "cheap".

Carla Jo

Jan 13, 2015

Complement City!

This dryer is worth every penny. Once I started using this dryer the complements started rolling in. My hair is healthier, shinier, and much less frizz. The option to change the temperature but not the strength of the air stream is my favorite feature.


Jan 12, 2015

Expert Review

Technology at its finest

This is my absolute favorite blow dryer right now. Technology at its finest with 5 different temperatures and speeds, plus an LCD display. It's also lightweight which makes it great for me when I have a full day of blow drying clients' hair!