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Paul Mitchell

Mitch Reformer Matte Finish Texturizer

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A workable putty that styles with powerful hold, while boosting thin or fine hair.


Reformer Matte Finish Texturizer gives a gritty, modern texture with a matte finish. Thickening ingredients leave hair full and healthy-looking, while powerful hair fixative locks style in place.

Work a small amount into your hands and distribute through damp or dry hair.

Mitch Reformer for men is a strong hold matte finish texturizer.

  • Formulated for a powerful hold
  • Pliable putty
  • Adds bulk and volume



4 out of 5 stars

Maison Huth

Nov 16, 2017

Expert Review

Perfect product for messy look

This Paul Mitchell hair gel is awesome for guys and gals looking for a piecey, textured, and matte look! It has a great hold and doesn’t make hair look wet and greasy.

Melissa Cintron

Nov 01, 2016

Expert Review

Nice hold

I used this recently on the celebrities at MegaCon in Tampa where I was doing hair and they loved it. Smells nice and was easy to use and had a nice flexible hold

Alexandra Monteer

Oct 08, 2016

Expert Review

Awesome texture with this

I love this product for adding medium hold and texture to hair, is a matte so use on damp hair and work product into hair. Love the way it smells!!


Jan 28, 2016

Holds when short, not when long

I had a free sample when this was put on after a cut. It worked well, so I decided to get more. Unfortunately, the hold is not quite as strong as my hair, which is coarse and thick, grows out. So, nice when short. OK when longer.

Katee Chandler

May 29, 2015

Expert Review

Favorite Men's Product

Any kind of style a guy is looking for this product will get you there. My favorite for when the guys are looking for a pompadour or their bangs off their face. Love this product and your men's clients will too.


May 19, 2015

Expert Review

Our best seller

This is a stylist favorite and best seller! Great hold and moldable!


May 16, 2014

Favorite Mitch product

I've tried out a few Mitch products, and the Reformer worked best for me. It gives me a messy look easily and holds my style all day without ever feeling brittle. The scent is awesome too-I get compliments on it all the time!