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Paul Mitchell

Tea Tree Special Shampoo

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An invigorating cleanser formulated with tea tree oil, peppermint and lavender.


Tea Tree Special Shampoo provides a refreshing tingle and rids hair of impurities. Special ingredients and tea tree oil rid hair of impurities. Leaves hair full of vitality and luster. Natural tea tree oil, peppermint and lavender invigorate your scalp and leave hair smelling great. Safe for color treated hair.

Apply to wet hair, lather, rinse and repeat if necessary.

Experience the tingle of Tea Tree Special. Tea Tree’s natural extracts and rejuvenating scents will turn your shower into a spa-like indulgence.

  • The citrus refreshment of Lemon Sage
  • Soothing tranquility of Lavender Mint.
  • Natural magic of tea tree oil, peppermint and lavender extracts, invigorate your scalp
  • Color-safe formula



4 out of 5 stars

Donna Morris

Apr 12, 2018

Expert Review

Squeaky clean!!

Amazing clarifying shampoo that leaves your scalp feeling refreshed!! It's antibacterial and antimicrobial. It helps keep lice away and it is my go to for dry scalp.


Dec 08, 2017

Expert Review

Nice and refreshing!

Great shampoo for those who don’t color their hair and like to shampoo daily. I always recommended this product to my guys since it has a great cleanse factor and gets their product out!


Nov 29, 2017

Expert Review


Nice clean and refreshing feeling! Great to use for a daily hair washer or someone looking for a good cleanse. Doesn’t dry my colored hair out which is awesome!


Oct 26, 2017

Expert Review

Highly Recommend

I have been using this product for about six years now, and although I stray from it time to time (I love options haha!) I always come back to this one! Let’s start with the scent... Tea Tree is by far one of my favorite oil smells so that is a huge seller for me. I’m a huge advocate for “your shampoo creates the base for your styling” and this is definitely one of my favorite shampoos for this exact reason. This shampoo smooths out my hair thus allowing me to layer on my other products and get a really pretty finish. This product also has a great lather which allows you to get a squeaky clean feel and the tea tree is great for those whole have dry scalps, as it will help to relieve this! I highly recommend this product.

Therese Wehling

Oct 23, 2017

Expert Review

Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil is so soothing to the scalp! I use it after every color treatment in the salon. And the moisturizing lather adds lustrous shine to your hair. The fresh mint scent opens my sinuses, making me feel more alive and ready for the day! I love Tea Tree Shampoo, you will too!

Annie Sullivan

Oct 10, 2017

Expert Review

LOVE this Shampoo

This shampoo has tea tree oil, peppermint and lavender to soothe and moisturize your hair. It does tingle a bit that some people love and some people don't really care too much about but I think it feels great in the morning to wake yourself up. I love to massage it into the scalp to stimulate circulation. It also gives the perfect amount of moisture. LOVE it and would definitely recommend.


Sep 11, 2017

Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Special Shampoo

I love this stuff. I even have my son using it now.

Cathy Cothes

Sep 05, 2017

Expert Review

Clean fresh feeling

My men love this shampoo. It helps with itchy scalp and feels clean and fresh

Tin Dang

Jul 26, 2017

Expert Review

Excellent Product

Excellent product for everyday shampoo. It feels refreshing every time


Apr 04, 2017

Amazing for kids with skin conditions

My son is allergic to his own sweat. His scalp always looked like he was suffering from severe cradle cap. Sports Clips recommended we try Paul Mitchell Baby Don't Cry. That improved his scalp a little bit. Then we went back to Sports Clips who recommended we try Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Special shampoo and conditioner. With in 1 week my son's scalp completely cleared. He's been using this product for 2 years and has never had a flare up again on his scalp. The relief he felt when his scalp cleared was unbelievable and it increased his confidence too. I just found this website thanks to Penny Church at Paul Mitchell Systems. Then searching the site I also ordered the body moisturizer and hand soap. I will leave a review for that after we use it. Praying that it can work the same magic on his hands and feet as it did his scalp. Amazing product. I think they should advertise this at dermatology offices for kids with cradle cap and eczema and etc. Thank you! Please never stop making this amazing product.

Anatalie David

Jan 02, 2017

Expert Review

Perfect for scalp issues!

I recommend this shampoo for all of my guests experiencing scalp issues. Tea Tree oil is great for fighting dandruff and encourages hair growth while unclogging pores. The smell is also a favorite for all of my male guests or those that prefer an herbal fragrance over anything highly perfumed or floral.

Jaime Rappa

Nov 26, 2016

Expert Review

Excellent Cleansing

This is a staple in my home and salon! It works great on kids as well as adults. Color safe, refreshing, & tingly!

Hailey Lider

Oct 26, 2016

Expert Review

Perfect for men!

My boyfriend loves the minty fresh feeling of the tea tree shampoo! He doesn't really like the manly smell of most men's shampoo so this one is perfect for him.

Haley Mathes

Oct 26, 2016

Expert Review

Amazing shampoo

This shampoo smells amazing and gives me great results. It is very cleansing and leaves the hair feeling soft and clean.

Taylor Chamberlain

Oct 26, 2016

Expert Review

So fresh!

Tea Tree special Shampoo is an awesome product that will leave your scalp feeling fresh and clean and your hair feeling soft, moisturized and better than ever!

Tracie Lider

Oct 26, 2016

Expert Review


This is one of my favorite shampoos! I love the smell and the way it makes your scalp feel so fresh!

Shea Shirk

Oct 18, 2016

Expert Review

Explaining how the shampoo feels and how clean it makes your scalp feel like

The tea tree shampoo is a crowd favorite for sure ! I've used this line for two years at my beauty school and absolutely love the scent and the feeling it gives your scalp. The smell is almost of a minty fresh scent awakens your scalp right as you apply it on. I have used this product on and off and really enjoy it. The only downfall is if you have a sensitive scalp I've known some people to not be a huge fan . But I give it a 9/10 !

Michelle McGraw

Oct 18, 2016

Expert Review

Invigorating & Moisturizing!

Paul Mitchell has always been my number one go to and they've never failed me since I started using their products on myself and my clients over 20 years again. Their products, design, aesthetic and quality have remained consistent through out the years, as well as their business model & practices. If you're looking for luxury products with integrity and at an accessible price, PM should be your go to. The tea tree special is great for a stressed out scalp or a dry scalp. It's cool and tingly. A true delight.

Brittany Holly

Oct 13, 2016

Expert Review

Great for dandruff

I've used this shampoo on my clients with dandruff and they love it. Even the smell has a healing effect.

Lorie Tipple

Oct 12, 2016

Expert Review

Best Shampoo for dandruff.

This shampoo is the best for dry itchy scalp. When you shampoo with Tea Tree,your hands even feel good!

Lindsay Norman

Oct 10, 2016

Expert Review

Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Special Shampoo

The name speaks for itself..when you see Paul Mitchell, you know your using a quality product. I especially like Tea Tree Shampoo, as it benefits year round : relives dry skin /scalp in winter, and aids in cooling relief in summer!

Shayne beagle

Oct 10, 2016

Expert Review


Great for overactive sebaceous glands and psoriasis. Wish they could camouflage the scent of the tea tree a little.

Brandy Oster

Oct 10, 2016

Expert Review

All time favorite!

Since day 1, this has been my all time favortie to use on my male clients. They love mint and refreshing feeling. The smell is also very pleasing, and helps soothe and calm the client.

Andrea Diaz

Oct 10, 2016

Expert Review

Love the Tea Tree!

I use this on my male clients, it's such a refreshing clean scent of tea tree. They love the tingly feeling it leaves them after a shampoo. Love this product!

Patricia Lynn Laas

Oct 09, 2016

Expert Review

Special scalp shampoo

My boys get super itchy scalps. This shampoo works perfect for them...

Tyler graves

Oct 08, 2016

Expert Review

wonderful and very cleansing

Something about this shampoo just makes you feel so much more clean than a regular shampoo. Love this for my men clients, and anyoney with dry scalp or irritation. leaves a cooling sensation on the scalp that is very refreshing. suggest this for all stylists and clients

Rebecca Mousseau

Oct 08, 2016

Expert Review

Love, Love!!

I recommend this to a lot of my clients. It is a anti-bacterial shampoo that helps with dandruff, certain scalp conditions and overall cleans your scalp really well leaving it tingly and refreshed. I use it daily. I love it!

Tammy Record

Oct 08, 2016

Expert Review

Awesome tingling feeling with refreshing smell.

We use Paul Mitchell Tea tree Shampoo as our back-bar shampoo. It has an awesome tingling feeling for the client and refreshing smell.

Rebekah Ackerland

Oct 02, 2016

Expert Review

Refreshing, clean and, tea tree perfection

Everytime I use this product I'm always amazed! It is very refreshing with the tea tree oils in the product. Cleans very well, and feels very refreshing afterwards. I recommend this product to everyone.

marian toma

Sep 18, 2016

Expert Review

Amazing for dry scalp

My absolute favorite product for those suffering with a dry scalp (ME included). It has a cool tingly feel which actually is relaxing while you shower. Helps me relax a little, while also cleansing my scalp!


Aug 27, 2016

Very nice product

I love this product, I love the lather and smell. Works great on my itchy scalp.


Aug 25, 2016

Feels good

Feels good on my scalp, smells great!


Jun 26, 2016

Love this product

First I tried a sample from a magazine. This product makes my hair feel soo clean and hair manageable. Love it!


Jun 19, 2016

Excellent products

I have used The Conditioner for many years. I have used the Tea Tree shampoo before also. Both are excellent products; however, the shampoo does not entirely correct my scalp itch but it makes it better.


Nov 08, 2015

Love this product

My scalp is dry and has a build up after a few days if I don't shampoo my hair. I am on medication that dries my scalp and skin in general. This shampoo addresses this issue and makes my hair soft and smells nice. Use the conditioner with it to complete the affect!


Sep 30, 2015

feels good

This shampoo makes my scale tingle and feels good to.

Teresa Kuhn

Apr 12, 2015

Expert Review


Refreshing tangling invigorating clarifying just a few words to explain this wonderful tea tree shampoo. You can't go wrong with the shampoo and it's great for whole family


Mar 27, 2015

Expert Review

I love it!!!

I really recommend it for someone who really wants to clean their hair from all those dirty products you use everyday in your hair. It really cleans the hair and helps it strip the color before doing a color process job in each client. I love it :D


Mar 27, 2015

Expert Review


Love this shampoo for my active clients. It leaves the hair clean and refreshed. I don't recommend for clients who have color treated hair for it will strip color

Adriana Hernandez

Mar 24, 2015

Expert Review

multi-purpose cleanser with great benefits

Tea tree shampoo a wintery fresh feeling,perfect for people with scalp disorders,its tea.tree and eucalyptus essential oils work as antisepic for the scalp,can be used as a body wash to feel refreshed after a hard day.Very refeshing.


Sep 12, 2014

Wow! Icey goodness!

How invigorating! It felt like a bucket of ice on my scalp--but in a good way! Great to wake you up and clean your hair!


Aug 07, 2014

overwhelming scent

As a scalp cleanser and stimulant, I'd say it does its job. The scent was extremely overwhelming though and I did not like it on my hair. It smelled like I showered with Vicks Vapo Rub


Aug 07, 2014


Once you feel you hair is starting to build up with product, this is the perfect shampoo to wipe your scalp clean


Jul 31, 2014

One of my favorites

I started using this product because I read that tea tree oil helps with dry scalp (and it does), but I keep using it because of the scent. It helps me wake up in the morning. And I like that my husband and I can both use it.