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Deepshine Oil Moisturizing Conditioner

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Deepshine Oil Moisturizing Conditioner 


Deepshine Oil Moisturizing Conditioner detangles and hydrates, transforming dry, dull hair. Leaving hair soft, silky and more manageable. Enriched with pure argan oil to impact brilliant shine and provide protection against damage caused by chemicals, thermal styling and environmental factors. Safe for color-treated hair.

After shampooing hair with Deepshine Oil Moisturizing Shampoo as directed, apply a generous amount of Deepshine Oil Moisturizing Conditioner to wet hair and distribute evenly. Rinse hair thoroughly.

Deepshine Oil Moisturizing Conditioner transforms dull, dry hair, making it soft silky and manageable.

  • Color-safe formula
  • For all hair types
  • Pure argan oil to hydrate hair
  • Brilliant shine
  • Protection from chemicals, thermal styling and environmental factors



5 out of 5 stars

Julie Davis

Oct 18, 2016

Expert Review


Highly recommend for dull, frizzy hair. My daughter uses this. She has very thick dull hair. She has started using this product and her hair looks so beautiful. She gets so many compliments.

Amanda Fox

May 20, 2015


I give this a 5/5! My hair looked so dry with lots and lots of frizz before I tried this. A friend of mine turned me onto this and the difference before I started using this is such an absurd difference. The conditioner makes my hair feel soft and brilliant. I still use my flat iron and my hair no longer looks dry and frizzy. I get compliments all the time now on how great my hair looks and that’s the best part.