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10 Facts Every Natural Should Know About A Twist Out

10 Facts Every Natural Should Know About A Twist Out

Rock your best twist out ever! Whether you're a veteran or a "twistie" in training, these 10 tips will help you perfect your routine and get you the best results every time.

1.  Wet hair is key.

Our hair is much more pliable when wet, which makes it ideal for any protective style pattern, i.e. braids, twists, etc. Before you start twisting, fill a spray bottle filled with a mixture of leave-in conditioner and water and spritz it over each section of hair.

2.  Always start your twists on clean hair.

You can definitely start a twist out on day two or three of your wash and go. However, if you're looking to perfect your method, I suggest starting on freshly washed hair.  You'll avoid the annoyance of extra product buildup in your hair, which can interfere with the outcome of your twists.

3.  Never use products that contain mineral oils.

In my opinion, products with mineral oils are a total waste of money. Mineral oils don't penetrate the hair, so they won't help with moisture. They've also been shown to clog pores and irritate sensitive skin. Instead, use oils such as avocado, jojoja, Moroccan argan or coconut, which really increase and seal in moisture.

4.  Try finger detangling sections to avoid frizz.

Instead of using a comb to gently detangle each section, spray hair with the water and leave-in mix, then massage a little oil onto your strands. Use your fingers to separate any tangled strands, rake through with your fingers and finish with a smooth-down before twisting.

5.  Always wrap your hair overnight.

Covering your hair overnight is really a lifesaver. You can use a satin pillowcase or hair bonnet (either will do) to protect your twists from getting frizzy, dry and disheveled while you sleep. It's not really worth it to spend 30 minutes or more prepping a style, only to miss out on this step! Protect your hair while you sleep, and you will definitely notice the difference.

6.  Hair oil is always necessary.

ag hair the oil samantha harris

In order to perfect your method, I definitely think having an essential oil on hand  is quite necessary. Try any of the mentioned oils above! One of my favorites is from AG Hair line called The Oil.  It works amazingly well on twist outs and is ideal and compact enough for touch ups!

7.  Ponytail your twist out when you work out.

Some people might suggest re-twisting hair for working out, but I find that re-twisting almost confuses and destroys the original twist pattern. Instead, pineapple your hair in a loose, high ponytail. This way, when you sweat, the crown of your hair (where your curl pattern is more prominent) doesn't get ruined.

8.  Don't remove until twists are FULLY dry.

I know it seems tempting, but leave your hair alone until it's  completely dry. Taking it down early will only make it frizzier and more likely to lose its curly shape.

9. Use a good moisturizing conditioner before your twist.


A good conditioner is key. The right one can either make or break a good hair day. You want to look for a product that provides moisture and works well with frizz. I'm in love with Paul Mitchell's Lavender Mint Moisturizing Conditioner from their Tea Tree line. This Paul Mitchell tea tree moisturizer feels unbelievable on your scalp and makes your hair super soft!

10.  Healthy hair makes healthy twist outs.

ag hair reconstruct samantha harris

If you've avoided your last trim, neglected damaged strands or over-colored your curls, then your twists won't exactly turn out ideally. I know because I've been there and have seen the difference! Snip those ends and get to repairing it with a good anti-breakage reconstructor. I personally love AG Hair's Reconstruct.  Even if your hair is not exactly where you want it to be right now, you can always work on it getting there.

Once you master the twist-out, don't stop there! Check out some of our other posts on ways you can make your journey easier and definitely more fun.

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