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10 Reasons Why You Need John Paul Pet Products Now


Your pets deserve the best. And the best often includes taking long walks, eating healthy dog food, devouring plenty of treats, and of course, using quality grooming and hygiene care products.

When it comes to quality pet care products, John Paul Pet has everything you need (and then some)! Below are 10 reasons why you need John Paul Pet Products now:

1) John Paul Pet shampoos and conditioners are pH balanced so they don’t irritate sensitive pet skin.  No more itchy, dry skin for your furry friend!

2) The entire John Paul Products line is tested on humans first. In fact, that's the brand's tagline. The goal of testing on humans first is to ensure the products are effective and safe for all pets. How amazing!

3) John Paul Pet gives back to the community.  Each year, John Paul Pet hosts a variety of fundraising events that raise money to improve the lives of pets everywhere.  Most recently, John Paul Pet hosted the 7th Annual Whisker Walk, which is a family friendly dog walk-a-thon fundraiser that benefited New England animal shelters and rescue.

4) Speaking of making the world a better place, John Paul Pet is on a mission to place one million pets into loving homes. When you purchase John Paul Pet Products, you're supporting a brand that is an ambassador for pets all over the world finding a happy and loving home.

5) John Paul Pet has more than 30 years of experience in professional salon businesses. It' safe to say that John Paul Pet knows has the products, knowledge, and experience to keep your pet's hair and skin healthy.

6) All shampoos, conditioners, and wipes are botanically enriched. What does that mean? You can now deep clean, deodorize, detangle, and maintain your pet from head to tail without using products loaded with harmful chemicals.

7) You can fix some of your pet's most common problems using John Paul Pet Products. Does your pet struggle with  odor, shedding, dry skin, unpleasant breath, and build-up around the ears and eyes? If so, John Paul Pet has products to solve your top pet hair and grooming care problems!

8) John Paul Pet has products that are made for busy pet owners on the go. You can find products that are designed for cleaning wipes for your pet's body, paws, eyes, ears, and mouth. You can also purchase the waterless foam shampoo for a quick bath while you're on the road.

9) The John Paul Pet Conditioning Spray moisturizes your pet coats daily,  adds shine to their fur, and revitalizes their coats. This product is super helpful during the warm, dry months when your pet's skin will dry-out and become more irritated by nature.

10) Because your pets deserve better than hygiene and grooming products that are full of harmful chemicals. Need I say more?

What sets John Paul Pet above the rest is the company culture, commitment to quality products and philanthropic philosophy. When you purchase your pet grooming and hygiene products from John Paul Pet, you are supporting a company that creates amazing products AND makes the world a better place. What else could you ask for from a company that makes your furry friend look, feel and smell amazing?

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