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10 Signs You Are a Good (or Bad) Client

My hairstylist is a miracle worker.
A friend.
A shrink.
A day maker.

I often wonder if she knows how much I appreciate her great work (and advice).

Does she think I am a good client? And on the other side of things, what makes a bad client?

good clients for hair stylists

With these questions lurking in my mind, I set out on a quest to determine what makes a good or bad client.

At first, Lizzy Becknell said, “There is no such thing as a bad client. Out of my 400 clients, I have 0 negative or ‘bad clients.’ It’s all a transfer of emotions."

I love Lizzy's positivity!  But since I promised you 10 signs to determine if you’re a good or bad client, I chatted with a few other stylists who weighed in on this topic!

5 Signs You Are a Good Client


1. You are open-minded and fun. You aren't afraid to bust outside of your comfort zone and try something new such as the sombre trend or a natural pixie cut.

2. You value your stylists time! If you are running a little late because you’re stuck in traffic, you take the time to call and give them a heads up and ETA (estimated time of arrival).

3. You know exactly what you want and have lots of pictures (with different angles of the haircut) to back it up. Your stylist actually LOVES that you know what you like!

4. You leave a big tip or stop by with a gift for no reason at all. Surprising your stylist with kindness will go a long way! Not sure how much to tip? Read our latest blog post that salon etiquette: tipping 101.

5. You’re open to discussing product usage with your stylist. Stylists always have a reason for recommending a product to you, especially if you are eager to re-create your look at home! A good client actively participates in the maintenance of their hair.

5 Signs You Are a Bad Client

hair stylist

1. You don’t show up for your appointments (and don’t call to cancel).

2. You complain about everything. No one like likes a Debbie Downer.

3. You micromanage your hair stylist. A haircut, color, wax, and pedicure done on your 60 minute lunch break? Not happenin'. Schedule your time in the salon accordingly. Your stylist might be a miracle worker, but great service takes time. Think twice before nagging your stylist about when he or she will be finished with your look.

4. You’re unrealistic. It’s certainly great to bring in a picture of a hairstyle, cut, or color that inspires you- but don’t pick out something that is completely different from your hair type.

"It's frustrating when people bring in pictures of something they want, but don't want to use a hairdryer, curling iron, or products," Bobbi Shane told me. "Sometimes I want to tell them I am a stylist, not a magician."

And one fellow hair blogger How-To Hair Girl agrees, "A bad client has delusions about what their hair is capable of."

5. You are not honest and open about your hair habits. Your stylist needs to know the truth about your styling and color habits in order to make your hair look and feel as healthy and beautiful as possible!

Want to become a better client?

Take advice from Jessica Sinclair, who suggests treating your stylist like a great friend. "For me, it's the same qualities you look for in a good friend. Be open to any new change, which comes from a trusting relationship with your stylist. And share lots of laughs!"

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