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10 Surprising Ways You're Damaging Your Hair

10 Surprising Ways You're Damaging Your Hair

Damaged hair doesn't just happen to those who are addicted to their hair straighteners. It happens to all of us... all the time! And sometimes the causes aren't so obvious. Here are ten sneaky causes that wreck havoc on our hair.

Tight ponytails and updos – In a fast-paced world where second day hair is king, ponies and updos are a go-to look for all of us. But tight styles secured by elastics create breakage along the hairline and along the shaft of the hair where you keep the elastic band.

Extra hot showers - Sure, a hot shower feels fab, but what is it doing to your scalp? Scalding water seriously dries out your scalp and can leave you feeling itchy. Your scalp condition sets the tone for the rest of your hair. Damaged scalp equals damaged hair.

Over-washing – Are you a once-a-day shampooer? STOP! Each time you shampoo, you strip hair of needed oils and nutrients. The result? Dry, dull hair. Adding a dry shampoo to your routine can help lengthen time between washes. 

Towel drying - The fastest way to remove extra water from your hair is also the fastest way to damage it.  Rubbing a towel through wet hair causes breakage from root to tip!

Brushing wet hair - Do you reach for your brush immediately after stepping out of the shower? Using a brush on wet hair (especially through tangles) will leave you with a head full of breakage.

Excessive brushing –Brushing hair too much and too often does exactly the opposite of what you think it does, causing breakage and split ends. This is especially true for those with wavy, curly, or textured hair.

Frequent heat styling –Ok, so this one is obvious. Hair is put through the ringer when it is frequently blow dried, curled, or straightened with styling tools. The heat literally breaks down hair makeup.

Chemical treatments – Whether you go for permed waves or chemical straightening, these treatments wreak havoc on our hair. 

Constant coloring - Frequent and drastic changes to your hair color are another obvious way you're damaging your hair. Rethink your hue of choice as well as how often you change it up.

Box coloring - While the price of box color can seem alluring, there is far more in that box than you're bargaining for. Box coloring kits use ammonia, which destroys the balance of the protein, moisture  and proper PH balances in your hair.

Think split ends are the only way to spot damaged hair? Think again.  While flyaways and frizz *do* indicate damaged hair, the root of the problem lies deep within the cuticle and requires frequent care and attention.

Incorporating some heavy duty nourishing products into your routine will help repair current damage and prevent it from happening in the future.

Joico's K-PAK line is a cult classic in damage repair. The trio of shampoo, conditioner, and Intense Hydrator help kick damage to the curb.

K-PAK Shampoo - Start off with this gentle, rich cleansing shampoo that restores weak and depleted hair to optimal strength and condition. We heart all Joico shampoos - but this reconstructing shampoo specifically replenishes amino acids and fills in dry, damaged areas of the cuticle while hydrating and protecting with aloe and antioxidant Vitamin E.

K-PAK Conditioner - Follow up with the conditioner, which delivers the precise amount of daily conditioning that damaged, chemically treated hair needs. Hair will be moisturized and stronger with increased shine, movement and bounce — all without tangles or static.

K-PAK Intense Hydrator - This 3- to 5-minute treatment replenishes moisture and lipids to overly dry, damaged hair. The hydrating formula has a pH of 3.5 to seal the cuticle, creating a polished surface.

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