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2014 Fall Hair Trends Your Clients Will Be Craving

2014 Fall Trends Your Clients Will Be Asking For

What's hot in hair for fall 2014? Here are the trends your clients will be asking you for this season:

French Braids
Who doesn't love a classic? French braids are everywhere this fall. Whether it's the classic single braid, double braids or a headband braid - the French braid is back in full force.

Plaits and Undercuts
Braids are obviously a trend for fall, with plaits (read: cornrows) and undercut braids being spotted everywhere. This look is great for both casual and elegant styles. Master the look and your clients will be swooning over you.

Platinum Blond
Transitioning from summer to fall, those clients who already went platinum will already be in style. This extreme blond is carrying through the fall, making any style look special.

Messy Top Knots
We'll call it the party version of the ballerina bun. The messy top knot is effortless and trending right now. Remember to keep it sleek, and just have the top knot undone.

Mod Hair
Think big 60s hair. Whether it's a beehive or retro volume a la Jackie O., these styles are back with a vengeance.

Whether it's sleek, messy or sectioned, ponytails rule fall. Rest assured that once homecoming rolls around, you'll be busy ponying it up. Pair them with funky ribbons for an even trendier style.

Ginger Love
We can't get over redheads! Whether it's a bright copper, a deep auburn or a soft strawberry blond, red hair continues its trend into fall.

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