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3 Beauty Products Hiding in Your Diaper Bag

As you may know from experience, carrying around a diaper bag AND a growing baby is quite the workout. Not to mention, loading up your diaper bag with beauty products and baby essentials can really strain your shoulders and back. But did you know there are beauty products hiding in your diaper bag?

diaper bag and beauty bag

No, I didn't hide some neon eyeliner or CC Cream in a side pocket for you. But, you'll be happy to know that some of the products you're already carrying around can offer you some great skin and hair benefits.

Baby Wipes

Fragrance Free Baby Wipes

As you may already know, baby wipes are a mom's best friend. Not only can you clean your baby's bottom using baby wipes, but you can also clean table tops and other messy surfaces, your phone, sticky hands, and carrot-covered faces. But did you know that you can also use baby wipes as make-up remover? You can also remove deodorant marks, shine your shoes, and refresh your skin using baby wipes.  Pick up the fragrance-free baby wipes to maximize their effectiveness without irritating your skin or smelling like a baby's bottom all day.

Baby Powder


Are you running around with greasy or limp hair? Look no further than your diaper bag for a solution! Baby powder acts like a dry shampoo by absorbing extra oil and adding volume your hair.

Nipple Cream

nipple cream for eyes

If you're a nursing mother, you're probably carrying around some nipple cream to help with cracked or sore nipples. Hey, no one said breastfeeding was glamorous (they just said it was worth it). The next time you pull out the nipple cream, remember that the natural oils and shea butter in the cream help with dark eyes or sore cuticles. You can also use the nipple cream to help with chapped, dry lips! Who knew nipple cream was a secret beauty cream?

What other diaper bag products offer you hair and beauty benefits? Don't keep these secrets to yourself! Tweet us your favorite tips or comment below.

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