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3 Easy Ways to Use Bobby Pins

For a long time, bobby pins were one of the most underrated hair accessories out there. Always hidden and pinned into the depths of an updo. Now, they show up displayed prominently in styles from the runway to the red carpet.

See below for 3 easy ways to use bobby pins.

3 easy ways to style with bobby pins emma stone


Need some inspiration? Check out these three easy ways to incorporate bobby pins into your next über-low maintenance 'do.

What you'll need:
- Hairspray
- Bobby pins, of course

Let's get started.

3 easy ways to style with bobby pins


Note: Anytime you use bobby pins, insert them wavy-side down. The grooves in the pins are made to help hold your 'do in place. (I know... all this time, many of us had it wrong!)

bobby pin

1. If you do want to hide your bobby, insert the pin in the opposite direction your hair is going.

2. Try an easy criss-cross look to show off your pins and for maximum hold.

3. Line up your bobbies for a modern 'do.

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