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3 Fabulous Fall Styles For Short Hair

3 Fabulous Fall Styles For Short Hair

Think short hair means you don't have many style options? Think again! These gorgeous styles make having short hair full of possibilities, and just in time for Fall. A perfect time to start experimenting with fun new styles for the new season. Here are some fabulous fall styles for your short hair:

1. The Braided Headband

This style may give the illusion that you've been sitting in the stylist's chair for hours, but it's actually extremely simple to create! Start by making sure your hair is smooth and tangle-free to braid successfully. We recommend using Paul Mitchell's Lite Detangler to ensure tangle free locks. Next, separate a section of your hair from below your ear (you may leave wisps of loose hair in front for a cute, messy effect), and start braiding tight against your scalp, along your head towards your opposite ear.

Once you reach the opposite ear, or you run out of hair (it is short after all!),  use bobby pins to pin the braided headband tight against your head. Tousle and hairspray your surrounding locks to cover up the pins and add volume - we love Rusk Designer Collection Weightless Plus Hairspray.

2. Old Fashioned Hollywood Waves

This style is not only fun and unique, but glamorous! Keeping the fall weather in mind, this style is also hat friendly. To amp up your hair pre-curl, use a thickening cream like Rusk Designer Collection Radical Thickening and Texturing Cream after cleansing hair, and blow dry for added texture. Part hair deep (and we mean deep!) on the side. Separate your hair into medium sized sections and curl all in the same direction with a BaByliss Pro Ceramic 1 1/4" Curling Iron. Spray with brushable hairspray like Sebastian Shaper Zero Gravity . Next, brush out your hair (yes you read that right). The same-direction curls will morph seamlessly into the perfect Hollywood waves. Spray with Big Sexy Hair Big Shine Shine Spray to finish the look. 

3. The Sexy Half-Up Do

This do is a classic for a reason, but sadly not many take advantage of this easy style anymore! Stand out from the boring crowd and learn how to create this sleek style with ease. First, to smooth locks and add shine, use Scruples Pearl Classic Collection Smooth Out Straightening Gel, and blow dry. Next, separate the top half of your hair up and away form the bottom, brush smooth and tease for volume. If you're feeling frisky, go for a Brigitte Bardot inspired big bump! Secure the separated and voluminous hair towards the top of your head with a tie. Use a Cricket Smoothing Brush to sleek down the bottom hanging section of hair. Top it all off with a mist of shine-enhancing hairspray like Tigi Bed Head's Masterpiece Shine Hairspray for maximum hold.

These 3 fun and fabulous styles are not only perfect for showing off short hair, but seriously easy to execute! Welcome in the new season with the perfect hair!

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