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3 Gift Ideas to Makeover Mom This Christmas

Every year, I ask my mom what she wants for Christmas and her reply is the same:

“A clean house.”

“A quiet house.”

“A nice day with my family.”

Reading in-between the lines, it’s easy to tell what my mom really wants (or rather, needs) for Christmas.

A relaxing day all for herself.

She isn’t cleaning up socks and shoes from the living room.

She isn’t putting in earplugs on just so she can eliminate the sound of video games, boy band music, and chatty girls on the phone.

Below are three gift ideas to makeover mom this Christmas.

Makeover Day:


-Hair color and/or highlights

-Eyebrow wax

-Hair styling

Gift tip: Wrap up a picture frame that has a “before” picture and leave an open spot for an “after” picture. Place the gift card in the “after” picture space.  Write your mom a card saying you think she is beautiful today, but everyone deserves a makeover day to feel pampered and refreshed.

Estimated cost: $125 to $200

Spa Day:



-60 minute full-body massage

Gift tip: Buy two or three nail polish colors (pick your mom’s favorite colors). Use a ribbon to wrap the gift card to the spa day around the nail polishes.

Estimated cost: $100 to $175

Facial Day:

-Facial Cleanse

-30 minute full-body massage

Gift tip: Give your mom this gift card wrapped around her favorite body lotion and facial cream.

Estimated cost: $65 to $125

Don’t let the price tags scare you away! Most salons offer holiday packages, so call around for the best deals and prices. Split the costs by asking your siblings, your dad, or grandparents to help cover costs for your mom’s makeover.

What are you getting your mom for Christmas this year? Share your ideas below!

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