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3 Gorgeous Curly Styles for Prom

3 GORGEOUS CURLY STYLES FOR PROM Who doesn't love a head full of gorgeous curls? I'm sharing three easy and quick curly style for prom that anyone can pull off.  Trust me - they're so easy you won't need any extra time pampering.

Each hairstyle below was created on freshly washed hair using  Framesi Color Lover Smooth Shine Shampoo and Conditioner. I used Bain de Terre's 'Rise 'N Shine' Volumizing Foam to hold the curls.

Faux Curly Angled Bob

faux curly angled bob

1. This step is mainly to show you where I started. This is the normal length of my hair. I applied the volumizing foam to my hair before adding heat.

2. Starting with one side of your hair, blow dry and scrunch up your hair, leaving a few strands down.

3. Next, scrunch the back of your hair and blow dry underneath.

4. Repeat with the other side.

5. After your sides and back are dry, scrunch the hair more, to give it the appearance of short hair. Pull down the longer sides to create the angled effect and elongate the curls.

Double-Braid + Low Bun

double braid low bun

1. Part a small, rectangular section at the front of your hair.  I like a side part to add a touch of elegance.

2. Create an inward French braid all the way across this front section. Make sure to braid in the direction you want it to lay.

3. Repeat the first step on the other side.

4. Create a French braid on this side.

5. Lift the hair behind the braids for a volume effect.

6. Put your hair into a ponytail, and use hair pins to secure it into a bun.

Sleek Low Twist

Sleek Low Twist samantha harris tutorial

1. Create a low side part on one side of your head. Grab your hair on the lower side and gently pull towards the back.

2. Separate hair into two thick sections to prepare for twisting.

3. Start twisting from one side to the other.

4. Secure twist with as many hair pins as needed.

5. This is how it should look when you are finished.

So simple, yet so everything! Keep your style in place all night with AG Hair Texture Spray. For more suggestions, check out our other curly styles here.

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