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3 Haircuts for Women With Bangs

Last year, I made a huge hair change by getting bangs and I've never looked back! Sure, I've had my fair share of bang emergencies, but  I honestly can't imagine what I'd look like without bangs. Of course, I debated on the type of bangs I should get. I was torn between swoopy bangs like Reese Witherspoon vs. straight-across the forehead bangs like Zooey Deschanel.

3 Haircuts for Women With Bangs reese witherspoon


3 Haircuts for Women With Bangs zooey deschanel

I considered my face shape, hair type, skin type, and hair habits before I made this big bang commitment. The Zooey D. bangs spoke to my heart, so I went for it! While I love my bangs, I always make haircut decisions based on my bangs. It's important to let the bangs remain the dominant feature of my hairstyle - too many layers or a cut that frames my face in a particular way could be very distracting!

If you have bangs or want to make the switch to bangs, here are three haircuts (for every length) that work perfectly for women with bangs.

Short hair: Take the pixie plunge!



anne hathaway 3 Haircuts for Women With Bangs

Do you have short hair? Pixies look great with bangs! You can do swoopy bangs like Jennifer Lawrence OR straight-across bangs Anne Hathaway. If you can't decide - follow Rhianna's lead and experiment with a pixie + both bang styles.


Medium length hair: Get low (bob)!

A low bob (lob) haircut looks great on women with medium length hair + bangs. Don't just take my word for it though...Katie Holmes can SHOW you how to nail this fabulous haircut:


3 Haircuts for Women With Bangs katie holmes

Nicole Richie and Victoria Beckham (Posh Spice) have both rocked fabulous bob haircuts with bangs too! Over the weekend, Miley Cyrus even ditched her pixie for a low bob haircut with bangs! Seems like bangs + low bobs is a trend you can't ignore!


Long hair: Keep it classic.


3 Haircuts for Women With Bangs jessica biel

Women with long hair and bangs can keep it classic and simple. You don't need a ton of layers to make bangs work well for you! Jesscia Biel, Lea Michele and my girl Zooey Deschanel all have long hair and great bangs!

My final piece of advice: Find a haircut that lets your bangs pop and remain the dominant feature of your haircut. When in doubt, ask your stylist for her / his advice. My stylist even sent me pins via Pinterest with good haircuts for bangs + fine hair. Seriously- how did we ever find haircut inspiration before Google and Pinterest?! Remember to ask your stylist about products that keep your bangs (and new haircut) looking healthy and full of volume.

Keep your bangin' (see what I did there?) hair clean and bright with a daily shampoo.

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