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3 Video Tutorials to Try for Date Night Hair

If you're feeling a little uninspired in the hairstyle department lately, we understand. Being stuck in a rut when it comes to trying new 'dos, especially for date night, is tough. To help you get back in a hair groove, we rounded up three of our favorite date night hairstyles and came up with three videos to show you how to get the looks!

Get the Look: Low Chignon

We love this look for many reasons, but what we love most about it is that this look is perfect for about any kind of date that comes your way. It's simple and classic, which always makes things easier when getting ready for a night that could be full of surprises . Check out the full tutorial here for step-by-step guide!


Get the Look: Perfect Pinned Back Waves 

This style? Flawless for a romantic dinner. The style is romantic itself so no need for any extra fuss. But let's get real, this hairstyle could make a hotdog stand seem romantic. Here's the full tutorial if you just can't get enough.


Get the Look: Soft Braided Twist Updo

Going to a concert for date night? BOOM: hairstyle problem solved. This style will not only make you look fantastic, it'll last against all the elements. Total win/win in our books. Full tutorial here for all you beautiful people.


Want more video tutorial goodness? Check out Loxa Beauty's YouTube page!

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