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3 Ways Coconut Oil Improves Your Hair Health

coconut oil for hair healthDid you know you can improve your hair health with something hiding in your pantry?

The smell reminds me of the ocean, a delicious drink on a warm day, or a popular childhood song. That’s right - I’m talking about coconut oil!

In fact, coconut oil can be used for both skin AND hair health. But today we will focus on hair health...

Coconut oil fans say this oil can help improve hair health in three ways:
Damaged Hair
Hair Loss
Hair Growth

On Damaged Hair

Suffering from damaged hair?

You should notice softer, shiner hair after using coconut oil on your damaged hair.

“According to one study, which compared mineral oil, sunflower oil, and coconut oil as possible products for nurturing and conditioning hair, coconut oil was the only oil that reduced protein loss for both damaged and undamaged hair. These findings were true when used as either a pre-wash or post-wash grooming product, but coconut oil achieved the greatest results when used as a pre-wash treatment.”

The moisturizing property is perfect for someone with dry hair. In fact, coconut oil is rumored to help control fizziness and prevent split ends and hair breakage.

On Hair Loss and Growth

coconut-oil-for-hair-lossStruggling with hair loss?

Itching for your hair to grow quicker?

It (usually) never hurts to try something! Coconut oil helps with hair growth (and reverse hair loss) by “penetrating deep into the follicles and stimulating growth.”

To maximize your results, brush or comb coconut oil through your hair to make sure the oil reaches every stand of hair.

Ready to give this healthy hair myth a try?

First, try using the coconut oil as a pre-wash treatment to start. When you use a small dab of coconut oil before washing your hair, the oil can penetrate deeper into your hair during the wash when your hair fiber slightly swells. You could also try applying coconut oil on before bed and rinsing it off in your morning shower with your shampoo.

Second, be sure to let me know how it goes! I’ll probably experiment with this at-home hair remedy once I have my baby boy in September. I know I’ll be desperate for anything that can help with postpartum hair loss.

In the meantime, check out this recent post with three tips about how to keep your hair looking young and healthy.

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