3 Ways to Maintain Eyebrows Between Appointments

Is your stylist/esthetician booked up until next century? That's what it can seem like when you're in need of an eyebrow threading or waxing! If your brows are suffering and something is keeping you from getting into the salon, here are some tips on how to maintain them until your next appointment.


1. TWEEZE160116542

"Duh?", l know. But what makes the process a little easier to stomach is that your esthetician already has the hard part cut out for you: brow shape. One of the biggest pains I think we can all agree on is that tweezing from scratch can get ugly without a good arch as a base. Plucking a few incoming hairs around your present brow shape is the quickest and easiest way to keep strays at bay before your next waxing.


2. Shave92721626

Not your entire brow, obviously, but did you know they make tiny razors specifically for brow touch-ups? This eyebrow touch-up set from Sephora is designed to nix hairs with exacting precision, and the razor cover subs as a brow brush and comb. This multipurpose tool is the ultimate in eyebrow grooming!


3. At-Home Wax Kits91824790


If your next appointment is spanning a longer period of time, there are products available to wax your brows at home. While we obviously recommend scheduling an emergency appointment with your brow stylist, we understand that sometimes things come up. Brands like Veet and Sally Hansen have introduced at-home waxing kits, including pre-cut strips for your eyebrows, designed to quickly remove unwanted hair in a few simple and easy steps.


If beautiful brows are one of your beauty goals, no doubt they won't miss a beat between appointments with these tips!

We want to hear comments from the eyebrow gallery! Do you typically need to touch up between appointments, or do you make sure you see your stylist before you have to worry about it?


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